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PERM case: Approved in 192 days (38 days less than average)
24 May 2020
02 Dec 2020
192 days
15 Oct 2020
23 Feb 2021
Got Email from my attorney today saying that my case has been certified

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Posted by kiwidesi
17 Nov 2020 #1
Hi - do you have an update?
Posted by happyburgers
17 Nov 2020 #2
No update as of today (11/17/2020)
Posted by kiwidesi
25 Nov 2020 #3
Hi - Please let us know if you have an update.

Posted by happyburgers
26 Nov 2020 #4
No update yet as of Nov 26, I am still waiting for this
Posted by kiwidesi
01 Dec 2020 #5
Hi - Please let us know if you have an update. This is so that we can get an accurate count of what has been approved, and what is outstanding.

Posted by happyburgers
02 Dec 2020 #6
@kiwidesi, I have no update yet. Will update my case once I receive an update.

Good job following up with community :)
Posted by kiwidesi
11 Dec 2020 #7
Hi - Are you still waiting for the approval? Please make an update if you've received an update in the past week (I'm hoping that you did).

Posted by happyburgers
22 Dec 2020 #8
I have no update yet, Hope to hear something by next year.

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