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PERM case: Approved in 741 days (-511 days more than average)
27 Aug 2008
09 Apr 2009
21 Apr 2009
07 Sep 2010
741 days
09 Apr 2009
08 Nov 2013
Thank God! It's approved.

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Posted by myqydpjwt
10 Apr 2009 #1
3 audit case in 3 days are all from China.... My god! Would you like to inform the audit reason?
Posted by almostlike
21 Apr 2009 #2
I hope the audit rate will much lower when your case is processed. It's a standard audit requesting some documents about recruitment process.
Posted by myqydpjwt
21 Apr 2009 #3
good luck
Posted by vinayak
07 Sep 2010 #4
Hey Congrats,
Are you sure your approval date is 07 Sep 2009 should't this be 07 Sep 2010 ?

Posted by almostlike
07 Sep 2010 #5
Thanks Arun. It's 2010 approval, not 2009. Updated Case already.
Posted by gcFarAway
07 Sep 2010 #6
Congrats! and thanks for updating
Posted by vinayak
07 Sep 2010 #7
Can you please what all docs were requested during the PERM AUDIT ?
Posted by almostlike
07 Sep 2010 #8
I don't know. The company attorney took care of all that without requesting more documents from my side.
Posted by almostlike
07 Sep 2010 #9
Believe some documents from the company were requested.

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