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PERM case: Approved in 743 days (-515 days more than average)
17 Jul 2008
30 Jul 2010
743 days
01 Jul 2009
02 Aug 2010
Starting 1-140 and I-485

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Posted by qbak
05 Feb 2010 #1
Is your application still pending.
Posted by teeash
07 Mar 2010 #2
yeah..!!!! :'(
Posted by qbak
07 Mar 2010 #3
im sorry to hear that. Is it being audited? also what if your H1 expires in the meantime.?
Posted by teeash
07 Mar 2010 #4
Its the wierdest thing.. My case is not even beng audited. And this is my thrid submission. Two previous submissions had not been audited either. There had been folks for who it took far lesser time from start to finish ie:- Green Card. Sometimes I wonder if my company has actually applied for my PREM or if they are giving me a run around. Then other times I am like, well if they are giving me a run arround then they are pretty consistant for 4 years now.

I think that is probably stuck on some ones desk..... Prayer and hope my friend... is keeping me going....!!!
Posted by teeash
07 Mar 2010 #5
As for H-1, well if your employer applies for GC, then after six years they can apply for your H-1 renewal on yearly basis until you get your Green Card. Bottom line is that you will have to stick around with your employer until then.

My employer is very good, but they run a small opperation and may be that is why it taking me this long compare to someone say, who works for fortune 100.
Posted by fame888
02 Aug 2010 #6
When did you submit your 3rd PERM ? Did it take 743 days since your first one ?

Thank you for in advance. Mine is still pending too.
Posted by teeash
04 Aug 2010 #7
Yup...... it took this long for me. I believe my case was an outlier as I have seen many many applications getting approved much faster. Good luck...!!

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