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South Korea
23 Jan 2008
21 Mar 2008
Business necessity
17 Apr 2008
02 Mar 2010
769 days
16 Jul 2009
02 Mar 2010
Just checked the ETA website, discovered my application was denied. I will have to wait for my lawyer to receive the letter to know the reason and whether to appeal.

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Posted by hunt401
02 Mar 2010 #1
Sorry to hear that. Could you share what was the reason for your audit? and probably your profession and education?
Posted by changgull
02 Mar 2010 #2
Applied position: Sr. QA Analyst
Education: MBA, Master in engineering
Experience: 8+ years

So,, obviously this was a job that many laid off Americans would jump on. DOL has every right to say I should not take these jobs for Americans.
Posted by tradahoo
03 Mar 2010 #3
how can DOL justify by a general consensus. I thought if you do everything right for your case, there should not any reason that DOL reject your application based on the general 'lay-off' basis
Posted by koningingpoco
03 Mar 2010 #4
I am sorry about the denial and good luck in case you decide to appeal... I have a question for you... you said you checked the ETA website yourself... I was told by my lawyer that only him and the employer can have access to this website... is that accurate...? I would love to be able to check it myself. Please let me know. Thanks
Posted by gchopes
04 Mar 2010 #5
Sorry to hear about your case being denied. Did you get to know the date of denial from the website or from mail correspondence?
Posted by changgull
08 Mar 2010 #6
Reason of Denial
1) Did not provide the proof of recruitment (I think on this I could have appeal)
2) Did not specify the name of employer on the newspaper ad (No chance of appeal)

So, filing a new application. 800 days wasted.

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