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PERM case: Approved in 399 days (-170 days more than average)
20 Feb 2009
26 Mar 2010
399 days
28 Sep 2009
30 Mar 2010
Received an email from lawyers office today that the case was certified. 13 months after what I thought was a pretty straight forward application.

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Posted by ak7419
30 Mar 2010 #1
so very strange. wonder why it took you so long without an audit.
Posted by jcaravala
30 Mar 2010 #2
Who knows with the DOL. All I can think is that we're looking at a bell curve and mine just happened to hit on the downslope. The other very real possibility is that it got lost in a pile somewhere and was just recently found. With no notice of anything from them I was starting to worry that they had lost the thing.
Posted by ak7419
30 Mar 2010 #3
I strongly suspect the latter. :)

Anyways, approved it is and you should be happy :)

See you in 140.
Posted by jcaravala
31 Mar 2010 #4
Very happy that it's approved. The lawyers and I have been working on contingency plans because we were convinced it was headed to audit after sitting around this long. I'm much happier working on the I-140/I-485 stuff.

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