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PERM case: Approved in 162 days (66 days less than average)
06 May 2006
15 Oct 2006
162 days
30 Nov -0001
17 May 2007

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Posted by PainfulGC123
09 May 2006 #1
Did your employer get a sponsorship email after re-submitting? Please answer. why was it re-submitted? what happened the during the first submission? Thanks!
Posted by googler1234
11 May 2006 #2
Odd thing happened with my application. The application was rejected stating "the prevaling wage is too NEW, and had to be older than 90 days". Never heard of this before. The state officer told the attorney that it must be an error. No luck in contacting the CO, therefore we decide to re-submit.
Posted by googler1234
11 May 2006 #3
there was no sponsorship email
Posted by PainfulGC123
19 May 2006 #4
From what I hear from other forums, DOL does not send sponsorship e-mail for re-submitted cases if they have already sent the sponsorship e-mail during the first submission. Exactly one sponsorship e-mail for an employer, alien and job title, irrespective of whether it is a second submission. Please confirm whether what I understand is correct. Thanks!
Posted by googler1234
26 May 2006 #5
I wouldn't know. My employer is in a different state, and I have no clue if they ever got one or not.
Posted by googler1234
26 May 2006 #6
I am not sure about the first one, but the last one I am sure there was no sponsorship e-mail because the attorney told me so.
Posted by PainfulGC123
05 Jun 2006 #7
Thanks for your prompt response. Please keepus posted about your approval. Best of luck!!! :)
Posted by PainfulGC123
28 Jul 2006 #8
Is your PERM case approved yet?

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