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PERM case: Approved in 66 days (164 days less than average)
31 Jan 2011
07 Apr 2011
66 days
03 Feb 2011
09 Apr 2011
BS + 5 yrs of Exp.

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Posted by aarvy
24 Feb 2011 #1
Please update if your labor is approved.
Posted by PermV
09 Mar 2011 #2
any news on your case
Posted by raviking
09 Mar 2011 #3
I haven't get any response from layer... Still i'm waiting...
Posted by PermV
09 Mar 2011 #4
Same here still waiting. Filled mine on the 9th Feb. Hopefully will get the good news soon.
Posted by PermV
11 Mar 2011 #5
whats your Education and exp?
Posted by raviking
15 Mar 2011 #6
Thank you...
BS + 5 yrs of Exp. My labour applied on EB2 category. What abt you?
Posted by PermV
16 Mar 2011 #7
Hi Raviking
Filled under EB2 Master +1year
Posted by raviking
17 Mar 2011 #8

I here that PERM analyst review timeline went BACK MAR 2011 to DEC 2010 !!
Anyway can you please let me know after your labor approval.
Posted by raviking
09 Apr 2011 #9
My Labor got approved day before yesterday.
Posted by barcelona
12 May 2011 #10

could you please tell me your job title? FT or contracting? and what's your job industry? i'm also thinking to apply under EB2 with BS+5yrs.

Posted by raviking
12 May 2011 #11

My job is related to software development. i'm FullTime to company.
Posted by barcelona
12 May 2011 #12
thanks raviking!

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