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PERM case: Approved in 281 days (-53 days more than average)
07 Feb 2006
15 Nov 2006
281 days
30 Nov -0001
02 Mar 2007
PD Jan/07/04 BEC to PERM conversion

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Posted by rb248
31 May 2006 #1
BEC withdrew my backlog petetion on 3/22/06; Audit notification 4/14/06 (good start for my new year (tamil new year)); Responded to Audit 5/2/06.

Conversion cases takes longer than the normal cases.......they have to pull the old BEC file and compare between the old and new application. Hang in there, if you are audited....thats ok too, most cases that are audited ended up in approvals.
Posted by EDWARD
26 Sep 2006 #2
Something new in respect of your case?
Posted by 21sticon
26 Sep 2006 #3
Nothing, my GC process has been royally screwed,stuck with stupid employer....

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