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PERM case: Approved in 57 days (170 days less than average)
03 Mar 2011
29 Apr 2011
57 days
04 Apr 2011
29 Apr 2011
Thank God! Finally my PERM is approved, HR forwarded me the certified e-mail from DOL. Now its the time for I-140. Good luck to everyone!!

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Posted by maryland24
14 Apr 2011 #1
Hi any news from your attorney. Any good news.
Posted by eb2imar2011
14 Apr 2011 #2
nothing yet...:( when my perm got filed on March 3rd my attorney told me it would take 3 months...that is the time most of the Feb filers started getting approved and no word of Govt shutdown...even then he told me 3 months.
Posted by maryland24
14 Apr 2011 #3
thanks for your reply,but if you check the list in trackitt for those who have applied in Feb, the highest no of days a person got it approved was 37 days, other than this all got in 2 to 3 weeks, only from Feb 28th it has slowed down but where as you are saying that it would take 3 months that is the time most of the feb filers started getting approved, i dont get ur statement as the data is in trackiit where everybody got it in 2 weeks avg.
Posted by eb2imar2011
14 Apr 2011 #4
yes maryland24, your understanding is correct...i told you wat my attorney told me, i asked him the same question. Ppl filed in Feb are getting approved 2 wks but why he said 3 months for me...for that he replied 3 months is normal processing time at DOL and he can't guarantee any early approval from DOL even if the analyst reviews are current.
Posted by maryland24
14 Apr 2011 #5
Now it makes sense and why the attorney tells 3 months is on the labor website also they have mentioned that if you dont get your reply within 3 months then you can reach us and ask the status, that is why everybody tells 3 months but that is the max time frame, usually within that we should get our approvals but this time there was some shutdown discussion that is why the delay otherwise we would have got it by this time.
Posted by maryland24
14 Apr 2011 #6
our perm dates are also very close to the current processing time, so they should start ours soon and approve it.
Posted by maryland24
26 Apr 2011 #7
hi are you from chennai. I am from chennai.

let me know ur email id
Posted by eb2imar2011
29 Apr 2011 #8
hi maryland24, I am from Chennai.

My perm is approved today, got the e-mail from HR.
Posted by siberianbear
01 May 2011 #9
congrats! best of luck on your 140! :)
Posted by imtracker
24 May 2011 #10
Hi Sivakumar,
Did you apply your I140 yet? I'm gettin ready to apply... btw, I'm from chennai too.
Posted by eb2imar2011
24 May 2011 #11
Hi Ajju

it's still in progress...sent back the signed PERM doc to Attorney. I am waiting for my experience letter with detailed job desc from my previous employer, the one I have just has the years of experience. Hopefully it get filed by this week, as my visa is expiring Jun 27th.
Posted by maryland24
03 Jun 2011 #12
Hi Sivakumarbalu

Have you applied for I-140 and has it got approved.

How long did it take for you to get the perm doc from DOL? My PERM got approved on May 23rd and I have my visa till this year end.

I have to check with my attorney today to see if they have recd my PERM copy.
Posted by eb2imar2011
03 Jun 2011 #13
Yes Maryland, my I140 got filed on May 26th under PP...I am yet to receive my receipt number but USCIS debited my two checks y'day.

My PERM was approved on Apr 29th and attorney got the docs on May 12th.
Posted by maryland24
03 Jun 2011 #14
Thanks sivakumarbalu for your immediate reply. Today is the 6th day of you filling I-140 under PP. I believe your I-140 should get approved BEFORE June 15th which is 14 working days from the date you filed your I-140. Any idea what is the avg time taken for Premium processing?
I checked with my attorney, they said they have recd my PERM hard copy and sent it to my employer.

My employer has changed attronies so my I-140 will be processed by a new attorney, so keeping fingers crossed when they will start processing my I-140.

Keep in touch, and let us know of the good developments, all the best.
Posted by eb2imar2011
03 Jun 2011 #15
I have seen some cases got approved in as low as 4 business days under PP, but avg is 11-15 days...lets see what happens. All the best for you I-140 and congrats for your PERM approval.
Posted by maryland24
03 Jun 2011 #16
Thanks for your reply.

I have couple of questions. let me know if you know about it.

Is it a mere formality to get an extension once PERM and I-140 is approved (OR) is it that we need to keep our fingers crossed until we get an YES for a 3 year extension.

After I-140 is approved, Is there a premium process available to apply for extension and if extension is applied through normal processing how long does it take?

Posted by maryland24
11 Jun 2011 #17

Any updates on your I-140 approval. did u get a chance to see my earlier questions, do you know the answers for it.
Posted by eb2imar2011
12 Jun 2011 #18
Hi maryland24,

PERM and I-140 is a door for your immigrant status which helps you to extend your VISA beyond 6th year. Until I-485 is approved, you will keep extending your VISA. If you are on 6th year then PERM helps to extend it for 7th year with 1 year interval and I-140 helps for 3 year intervals.

Yes, you can extend your VISA under premium processing which will be approved in 10-15 business days, regular extension takes 3-5 months.

I have filed my I140 under PP on 5/26, with receipt and notice date of 5/31 still the status shows Acceptance. Got the receipt hardcopy on 6/6.
Posted by maryland24
12 Jun 2011 #19
Thanks for your reply, probably my question was not clear to you.

My question is my company will file my I-140 hopefully in a months time, My 6th year visa ends by Dec end of this year.

If my I-140 gets approved when i file under premium, will i have to still be in suspense whether i would get a 3 year extension (OR) once my I-140 gets approved i will 100% get an extension is it a mere formality.

All the best for your I-140 approval.

Posted by eb2imar2011
14 Jun 2011 #20
Just got an e-mail from HR that I-140 is approved...god bless...good luck to everyone! Starting my 7th year H1 extension...13 days left for expiry.
Posted by eb2imar2011
14 Jun 2011 #21
Hi maryland24,

Getting a 3 year extension after I-140 approval is purely depends on USCIS...you are eligible upto 3 years of extension and that doesn't mean they will definitely give you 3 years. But 95% of ppl got 3 year extension after 6th year once I-140 approved...so we can't be sure until we get the approval notice in hand.

Premium processing for I-140 makes sense only for following situations,

1. If you have less than 60 days for 6th Year H1 to expire.
2. If your Priority date was less than 365 days of 6th year H1 expiry.
3. If your employer don't want to pay for 1year extension and again for a 3 year extension.


All the best for you I-140.

Posted by maryland24
14 Jun 2011 #22
First congrats on your approval of I-140. Thanks for your detailed reply. Based on your reply, since I have time till dec 25th, i dont have to go for premium processing but the normal time takes 6 to 7 months for which I dont have time, so i think I have to pay out of my pocket and go for PP.

The second point does satisfy my condition for PP as my priority date is March 30 2011 which is less than 365 days of 6th year H1 expiry.

Posted by maryland24
23 Jun 2011 #23
Hi sivakumarbalu,

Any updates from your end, have you applied for extension and have you got the extension, or just applying for extension is itself enough for you to be in U.S I know your last day was June 27th.

In my case my company has still not filed my I-140. From today I have exactly 6 months to go, not getting panic to put pressure on my company.

keep in touch, or send email, my email id is chennaivindy2@gmail.com, we can then exchange contact numbers as I am also from chennai and India.
Posted by eb2imar2011
23 Jun 2011 #24
Yes maryland24, my company applied for a new LCA and filed the regular H1 extension requesting 3 years today only. Now I need to wait for the receipt and another 2-3 months for the status. I believe mine is filed at Vermont service center and as long as the extension documents reach USCIS on or before 27th, I can stay here legally.

As per your case I understand 6 months is not a right number to decide whether to go for premium or regular I-140. My personal suggestion will be to wait for 2 more moths and file a premium I-140...because the avg processing time for regular I140 is 6-8 months.

I will send you an email.
Posted by maryland24
24 Jun 2011 #25
Thanks for your reply and expecting your email to my email id, and then we can exchange contact numbers.

Hi even though i have six months, i am still going to go for Premium processing when my company starts the next step with the attorneys. i will see if they pay for me or else I will pay from my pocked, i can't wait for an answer for 6 - 8 months and take tension till the last minute.

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