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PERM case:
10 Mar 2010
28 Jul 2010
27 Aug 2010
10 May 2011
426 days
18 May 2011
16 Jul 2021

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Posted by Valenok
18 May 2011 #1
Sorry to see that your case was denied. I have the same PD 3/10/10. Still waiting.
Looks like it's a miss-print -- Denial Date 10 May 2010, should it be 10 May 2011?
Posted by usrcdedo
18 May 2011 #2
Reson For Denial: "Advertisements cannot contain any job requirements or duties which exceed those listed on the ETA Form 9089". The only diffrence in the job requirements on the Advertisements vs the Job Duties in the H SECTION of the form 9089 was that All the Advertisements had an extra sentance saying "Some travel may be required and with expenses paid by the employer. 40 hours /week".
While this was not mentioned in the Job Duties Section of the PERM. Just a minor oversight from lawyer and they are making a big deal out of it.
Totally dissappointing and defeating...
Posted by meetdj
18 May 2011 #3
Sorry to hear! We have to ourselves review all these documents. Cannot rely on attorneys
Posted by usrcdedo
18 May 2011 #4
Yeah i did review everything except the PERM APPLICATION as its attorneys jurisdiction and i dont have access to it.
Posted by meetdj
19 May 2011 #5
In my case also attorney had made a mistake. I was just lucky to get my PERM after audit. Sometimes it is just luck. But you keep your spirits up. Hopefully the new one gets adjudicated faster
Posted by n400seeker
19 Mar 2012 #6
Hi gimmeperm, did you attorney file any motion to reconsider? My case has been denied due to same reason, and the attorneys are going with a MTR as they believe they can justify the mismatch. The Motion has a risk of being forwarded to BALCA... checking with you to see what I can expect, if your case is similar to mine. Thanks in advance.

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