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PERM case: Approved in 437 days (-208 days more than average)
19 Jun 2007
15 Nov 2007
29 Aug 2008
437 days
30 Nov -0001
30 Aug 2008
Finally It came through. I just got email from the HR that it is certified. Good luck to every body , see you all in I-140 thread.

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Posted by desireuben
16 Aug 2007 #1
Pitty, today is last day for the bus to catch for I-140/I-485. It still shows status in process.
Posted by desireuben
08 Oct 2007 #2
Its been 9 days over avg. I am getting nervous
Posted by plhelpus
10 Mar 2008 #3
Response time to an Audit case is much more than 3-4 weeks.
Posted by wsoul
11 Apr 2008 #4
you have replied to your audit a couple of days before me. Do you hear any updates ? I am still waiting. There are many people whose case has been auditied and still in pending. Are they not updating their status or is it really the case that nobody is getting approved since end of October. Any idea ?
Posted by rayyogi
10 Jun 2008 #5
My audit response was sent in Nov. Still waiting on a response from DOL
Posted by mzaman
10 Jun 2008 #6
Did you write the letter to Inspector General of DOL?
Posted by rayyogi
10 Jun 2008 #7
Nope, my attorney said that the wait time is normal after audit. We will wait for another couple of months. Will there be any advantage in writing a letter to IG of DOL?
Posted by desireuben
10 Jun 2008 #8
Your attorney is fooling you, because everybody is waiting does not mean that it is normal time. My attorney told me there should not be such a long wait but most of the cases that got audited in summer of 2007 are waiting . There is no harm in writing letter to IG of DOL also if there is no benefit.
Posted by mzaman
10 Jun 2008 #9
I 100% agree with lalahariram. In fact I have already sent letter to IG og DOL
Posted by rayyogi
10 Jun 2008 #10
Thanks. Will ask attorney to send the letter.
Posted by mzaman
10 Jun 2008 #11
You can send this letter yourself as we are all doing. Go to the following link. They have a sample letter there. Mail it by recorded delivery.

Posted by desireuben
30 Aug 2008 #12
Usually How long does it take after the status changes to certified to receive the actual hard copy of the approval notice.
Posted by caltech
31 Aug 2008 #13
Is it filed by Fragomen?
Posted by desireuben
01 Sep 2008 #14
No , not with Fragomen
Posted by amirani
02 Sep 2008 #15
Posted by CookieMonster
04 Sep 2008 #16

Is your case random-audited? Thanks.
Posted by desireuben
05 Sep 2008 #17
Yes it was Normal audit asking for business necessity and copies of filing documents.

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