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PERM case:
05 Jul 2011
16 Nov 2011
Recruitment process
15 Dec 2011
4224 days
12 Sep 2011
21 Feb 2012
DOL challenging recruitment process clarification. Recent layoffs in the company forced the attorney to withdraw the application. Will refile.

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Posted by eagerimmi
18 Oct 2011 #1
Is yours still pending? Any news?
Posted by nm229
18 Oct 2011 #2
@eagerimmi: yes buddy still pending :-(.. no word from the lawyer yet. I stopped pinging them since they are in the we-will-let-you-know-when-we-hear-something mode !!
Posted by gcisareality
11 Nov 2011 #3
Posted by nm229
28 Nov 2011 #4
@gcisadream... no none of those.. a multinational and I have a MS degree..Still waiting :((

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