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PERM case: Approved in 254 days (-24 days more than average)
27 Nov 2011
13 Mar 2012
Following the initial random audit, 2nd Audit received,requesting info regarding layoffs.
03 Apr 2012
07 Aug 2012
254 days
28 Nov 2011
15 Mar 2013
BS + 7 years exp CA/Internet/Large>10,000/SDE position/BAL Global

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Posted by Altan
18 Jun 2012 #1
Audit replied by 04/03/2012, no response yet
Posted by Altan
28 Jun 2012 #2
I just notified that I received a 2nd audit notice questioning massive lay offs took place in my company last April. I've been briefed that there is a trend that DOL being harsh with companies having lay offs even after PERM is filed and their ability to obtain labor cert are being questioned. So unfortunately it seems like we are having an uphill battle.
Posted by mehmet
28 Jun 2012 #3
It is really sad how they are treating people who are adding so much to this country. I hope your case gets approved after 2nd audit. I don't have high hopes on mine and I stopped making long terms plans to stay anyways :)
Posted by Altan
05 Jul 2012 #4
It seems like being at wrong place/wrong time. No question that having layoffs will attract DOLs attention.
Posted by Altan
24 Jul 2012 #5
2nd audit replied by 07/23 concerning lay offs, another there will be another 3 months waiting.
Posted by PERMission2012
07 Aug 2012 #6
Contratulation it is good to see 2nd Audit reply in few days. !!!! Yes they are working
Posted by Altan
07 Aug 2012 #7
I never expected 2nd audit responded so fast.

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