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06 Dec 2011
26 Apr 2012
Random Audit. Requesting recruitment related documentation like ad postings, resumes, process of rejection, business necessity for requirements. Also been asked to sign the Form ETA-9089.
25 May 2012
20 Jul 2012
227 days
07 Dec 2011
13 Aug 2012
Denied! Lot of screw-ups from the employer in terms of submitting the correct documentations, although all the process steps was followed accurately. They are planning to file a new PERM.

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Posted by Maranatha
18 Apr 2012 #1
Sorry to hear about the audit.. Good luck with it.. hopefully it should be done by June/July.
Posted by karthiksubbu
24 Apr 2012 #2
Thanks Maranatha! Hoping for the same. It was supposed to be a random audit. Not received the audit letter copy from the attorney yet. Timeline wise I'm really not in a hurry now, since the dates are not going to move until end of this year.
Posted by Maranatha
26 Apr 2012 #3
That's true. I hope you are able to send out the audit documents as soon as possible, you never know you could get it approved quickly. Every day counts in this game! Good luck!
Posted by karthiksubbu
01 May 2012 #4
Thanks for your consoling words. Audit came on 4/12, but received the letter only on 4/26. Requested recuitment documentation, business necessity etc. Also asked to sign the Form ETA-9089. Hopefully, we will respond in a week or two. Going by the current processing times, hoping to see an approval by Jun/Jul.
Posted by bksram
15 Aug 2012 #5
Sorry to hear about the denial Karthik. Good luck with your process.
Posted by Maranatha
16 Aug 2012 #6
Sorry to hear about the denial.. bad screw-up by your HR! I hope you can minutely check what they are sending out the next time..
Posted by mdmochowski10
13 Aug 2015 #7
hey I just have quic question.
I got an email from DOL saying :
"Re: case number t-15139-xxxxxx received: 05/19/2015

This is a confirmation email that the eta form 9089 - application for covering the perm visa classification for the position of import/export coordinator has been received and submitted for processing by the USA dol . "

I still did not get perm Q. (this is my second perm since my first one way was denied, with my first perm i did got
the perm Q) is it possible that i did not got perm Q because there was my AT email but not the company name, example XXX@THECOMANYNAME.COM
I know that is pretty much what you said I just wanted to make sure if that is right.
Thank you so much for your help

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