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10 Oct 2011
01 Jan 2012
20 Jan 2012
26 Apr 2012
199 days
05 Jan 2012
18 May 2012
Denial reason is about application process. We'll send DOL a letter.

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Posted by Altan
01 Mar 2012 #1
sorry abut the audit.
what's your state/industry/company size?
Posted by veli
09 Mar 2012 #2
Thanks, it was a random audit. I think DOL is making the process harder and harder. Hopefully you'll have better luck than I did. I work in Connecticut for a small (4 employees) online marketing agency. What about you?
Posted by Altan
09 Mar 2012 #3
CA/Internet/Large but I think doesn't make difference since most people received audits in my company.
Posted by veli
12 Mar 2012 #4
Most people received audits in your company, huh, that's strange. I once heard that DOL mostly audits the cases for the smaller companies, but who knows what's going on with DOL. But best of luck to you. I should hear from them in a couple of months, and I will post the news (hopefully the good one) here.
Posted by Altan
22 May 2012 #5
Hi Veli,
Sorry about the denial.
Any details about what possible went wrong with the application process? will you re-apply or appeal?
Posted by veli
22 May 2012 #6
DOL says some of the applicants were good fits for the job. In my report, one of the reasons we indicated was something about some software programs, and they didnt like the fact we use programs as an excuse to not to hire them. Because it could be taught. That wasnt the only excuse, but they still didnt like it.
So right now I'm very disappointed and disgusted about this process. We will appeal it, otherwise I'm not going to reapply and deal with this BS again. At least with this company.
Posted by Altan
06 Jun 2012 #7
I think re-apply is faster than appeal, since BALCA appeal process is way longer,can stuck for years.
Posted by veli
06 Jun 2012 #8
What's BALCA appeal? My lawyer said it should take around 3-4 months. I'm not even sure we appealed or did something else. All I know is my lawyer send DOL a letter explaining the details of the whole application process.
Posted by Altan
08 Jun 2012 #9
There are 3 options in case of denial. (1) re-apply (2) appeal (3) government error
If it's something too obvious that certifying officers made a mistake,then you can file a government error,which goes faster.
Standart Appeal in BALCA (Board of Appeals Blah) takes longest,but can be useful for the candidates who are on 6th year and cant afford new application. Most cases re-apply is faster. I don't know which route your attorney choose, but some cases re-apply is faster.
Posted by pisces03
18 Sep 2012 #10
if you had made appeal, You should hear back about your appeal since DOL is replying to those have PD in OCT 2011. Best of luck. If CO affirms its decisions then it would go to BALCA which you should not go .
Posted by pisces03
18 Sep 2012 #11
by the way, I have the same reply from my Employer that DOL has sent most of our cases on audit, We may work for same employer or Our attorney are bro :)

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