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PERM case: Approved in 279 days (-51 days more than average)
26 Oct 2011
29 Jun 2012
2nd Audit: Details on Travel required for the job 1st audit: (replied on 5-Mar-2012) - Need recruitment process details including paper ad, resumes, etc... - Employer's contracts to show that employee will be working on any client location(s)
05 Mar 2012
31 Jul 2012
279 days
10 Jan 2012
30 Nov 2012
Porting - EB3(PD - 23 Jul 2008) to EB2.

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Posted by gcmr11
24 Feb 2012 #1
my PD is also 10/26. Any clues why the delay?
Posted by tcdsarun
24 Feb 2012 #2
I've no idea why the delay is. My perm got an audit on 02/10/2012. Now I'm working with attorney to file an audit response.
Posted by bostonismyhome
02 May 2012 #3
Any updates on your case?
Posted by tcdsarun
02 May 2012 #4
Not yet! I am seeing that audit cases filed on end of Feb with priority date mid of Oct 2012 are getting approved. Hopefully, mine will get through soon.
Posted by tcdsarun
01 Aug 2012 #5
Finally my PERM got certified. All the very very best to all!!
Posted by kris4k
01 Aug 2012 #6
Posted by kris4k
01 Aug 2012 #7
I also got the same audit "Details on Travel required for the job" what did they answer?
Posted by tcdsarun
01 Aug 2012 #8
We have responded with the below information for Travel/Roving requirement:
1. Explanation from Employer/Attorney saying why the travel is required. (Employee will be working at client location so the travel is required etc....)
2. Produced all my project/vendor contracts
3. present/past LCAs since PERM applied

Hope this helps!!

- Arun
Posted by akrishn
01 Aug 2012 #9
Can you share
1) work model (FT,EC,EVC)
2) employer and client locations
3) MS field
4) Yrs of exp

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