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PERM case: Approved in 274 days (-46 days more than average)
04 Oct 2005
04 Feb 2006
05 Jul 2006
274 days
30 Nov -0001
05 Jul 2006

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Posted by waiter
12 Jun 2006 #1
I feel your pain, even I'm waiting for 'only' 130 days. It's very frustating, no dates, no notes, nothing from them.
Posted by adong01
12 Jun 2006 #2
My situation is even worse. My H-1b is expiring this Oct. Don't know if I can still extend. I heard different versions of H-1b entension. Some laywer say I can extend only if my PERM is not denied. Some others say, only can extend after I get my I-140 approval.
Posted by rabjcdjaks
14 Jun 2006 #3
Here is what I know of H1B extensions.
1. If you have a Labor Cert application (PERM or RIR or traditional) pending for more than 365 days, you can get a 1 year extension of your H1B.
2. If you have an approved Labor Cert which is more than 365 days old (ie its been 365 days since you applied) then you can get a 1 year extension. This is regardless of whether you have an I140 pending or not.
3. If you have an approved Labor and an approved I140, you will get an 3 year extension of your H1B.
4. If your Labor Cert application is less than 365 days old, regardless of whether its approved, you will have to go home for a year.
Posted by adong01
14 Jun 2006 #4
Thank you very much for your comment. I filed PERM one year before my H-1B expiration date. The only thing confuse me would be if my PERM is denied, then I can't file extension??. Either pending or approval is ok, but not denial. Keep my fingers crossed.

Thanks again for your reply.
Posted by waiter
15 Jun 2006 #5
I have a question, did you or your layer got the audit notice by email or mail? Thanks.
Posted by adong01
15 Jun 2006 #6
By Mail.
Posted by waiter
15 Jun 2006 #7
Thanks, I was wondering if they sent anything by email to the lawyer and got lost. At this moment I'm worried about everything. I'm waiting for 130 days. Thanks again and good luck.
Posted by adong01
26 Jun 2006 #8
Requested for more documents. Company referral program whether has incentives? Doesn't know what that means. But my company will provide that and will see what is gotta happen next.
Posted by adong01
05 Jul 2006 #9
Certified!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank GOD for that!! And have faith for those being dragged over many days! You will get it!!
Posted by InspectorFox
05 Jul 2006 #10
Congratulations!!! Your case is one of the first cases i know of to be certified from the October 2005 lot.
Most of the PERM cases filed in Oct 2005 have been pending for over 200+ days.
I really think all people should track their cases on this site... instead of immigration.com or murthy.com
Posted by sunayak
05 Jul 2006 #11
Congrats adong! I've been watching your case silently, and I'm really happy for you. It's sad that PERM is going the RIR route, at least for the atlanta centre..
Posted by jun2006
21 Jul 2006 #12
Congrats getting approved LC. mine was also filed under Perm and my employer told me that its been approved.
But I have not got the approved copy of LC from my employer its more than 6 weeks reason being have not received document from Labour Dept. So I just want to find out is there a way to track the application online I mean is there any tracking no that I can ask from my employer / lawyer which i can use for tracking

Thanks in advance
Posted by adong01
21 Jul 2006 #13
Your employer and your lawyer both should be able to login Labor Department's website to track the case, not you. It's their responsibility. My lawyer did not give me the id and password, but she tracks every week and let me know the result. You may ask your employer/lawyer to consult, if it's certified already, you should get it soon. Good luck!
Posted by jun2006
21 Jul 2006 #14
appreciate your valueable input

is it possible to file I-140 based on Certification or do I have to wait for documents from DOL

since its been long so am kinda worried how long should be wait period as i get the simple answer from my employer
we have got it yet

Posted by jun2006
21 Jul 2006 #15
sorry for the typo
we havent got document

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