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H-1B case: Approved in 28 days (60 days less than average)
12 Feb 2014
12 Feb 2014
12 Mar 2014
28 days
13 Feb 2014
23 Apr 2014

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Posted by Krish140
24 Feb 2014 #1
Did you receive any update from USCIS?
Posted by X10son10son
24 Feb 2014 #2
Nope not yet, Still at "Initial Review"
Posted by Krish140
24 Feb 2014 #3
Your application filed date and received date both 12 feb 2014 only? for me they received my application through USPS on 12 feb 2014, but i have assigned USCIS received date as 15 feb 2014. I am not sure, weather my 15day clock starts from 12th feb or 15th feb. have any idea?
Posted by X10son10son
24 Feb 2014 #4
From whatever i know it starts from the receipt date
Posted by om1983
25 Feb 2014 #5
mine was received on 14th Feb(day when receipt was generated), and mine is still in acceptance. No update yet :(
Posted by deep4or
03 Mar 2014 #6
Did anything change for you? T
Posted by riteshtewary
15 Mar 2014 #7
i too got a RFE on 12th March. my company will file RFE response in another 1.5 weeks. i have heard USCIS will stop all premium processsing from Apr 1 to Apr 15. does that include extensions also?


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