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H-1B case: Approved in 27 days (60 days less than average)
03 Apr 2014
14 Apr 2014
30 Apr 2014
27 days
15 Apr 2014
30 Apr 2014

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Posted by flyingmachine
17 Apr 2014 #1
Were you able to check your case status in the uscis website?
Posted by sahil838
17 Apr 2014 #2
nope ---same error message I believe most of the folks are getting who recieved receipt post 4/10
Posted by flyingmachine
17 Apr 2014 #3
I guess Vermont guys are not able to see it.
Posted by flyingmachine
19 Apr 2014 #4
sahil838: Anything yet?
Posted by flyingmachine
19 Apr 2014 #5
I see your is 14134*****. Mine is next to you - 14135*****. So, if you can see then I guess I should be able to too. Right now, it still says case not found.
Posted by sahil838
19 Apr 2014 #6
This is how USICS receipt number is formed. 14 is the year- 134 is the calendar day. USICS day starts from 1st Oct so that will be day 1 , weekends and national holidays are not counted. My receipt was received on 14th April which is day number 134 in USICS system. You must have received your receipt on April15th which is day # 135. Next 5 digits are the case number.
Online still shows receipt not found. Vermont center is the slowest I believe of all
Posted by flyingmachine
19 Apr 2014 #7
For Apr 12th guys are ale to see it now. I guess we should wait until Tuesday before we can see ours.

Posted by nhop12
24 Apr 2014 #8
sahil838 - Can you check your status online?
Posted by sahil838
25 Apr 2014 #9
Did you happen to read this article published by USICS on April 17th .
Earlier, I belive on March 25th they said they will begin PP no later than April 28th but now on April 17th they said they will begin PP only on April 28th.
Posted by flyingmachine
28 Apr 2014 #10
Thx for the info sahil. Keep us posted. :)
Posted by sahil838
30 Apr 2014 #11
Online status shows Approved, however called lawyer said he did not receive any notification from USICS

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