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H-1B case: Approved in 42 days (45 days less than average)
01 Apr 2014
10 Apr 2014
28 Apr 2014
Request for all I20's issued to the beneficiary on F1 status.
13 May 2014
42 days
16 Apr 2014
13 May 2014
Non AD - premium processing. Vermont. Approved/05/13/2014

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Posted by flyingmachine
17 Apr 2014 #1
Were you able to check your case status in the uscis website?
Posted by Perm0429
17 Apr 2014 #2
nope - it says no information is available at this moment.
Posted by nicky5887
17 Apr 2014 #3
I think even i am havin the same trouble. @torrentkid are u havin the same issues. when did u hear abt ur receipt number from the lawyers ?
Posted by flyingmachine
17 Apr 2014 #4
I guess Vermont is yet to update. Haven't seen any Vermont guy saying he saw his case.
Posted by flyingmachine
17 Apr 2014 #5
36 hours ago.
Posted by flyingmachine
17 Apr 2014 #6
Same issue. Mine too. :(
Posted by Perm0429
17 Apr 2014 #7
calm down guys :) - if you have the receipt no you know you have been picked up in lottery - USCIS issued a notification on their website indicating premium processing is yet to start - so unless they start processing cases, it is unlikely the status will show up online.

BTW - my case is in Vermont
Posted by flyingmachine
28 Apr 2014 #8
Can you update one more digit after EAC ? It shouldn't be a problem as it denotes year and working day.
Posted by vishalini
29 Apr 2014 #9
Hi Prem, did you submit all the prior I-20s when you filed your H1 petition?
Posted by Perm0429
29 Apr 2014 #10
Vishalini: Nope my lawyer sent in only one I-20 with my application and USCIS issued RFE this morning requesting all previous I20's -- which I have just now sent to my lawyer a little while ago.
Posted by f1h1
30 Apr 2014 #11
did your lawyer received RFE in mail or they email rfes?
Posted by Perm0429
30 Apr 2014 #12
My case is premium so they sent a Email & FAX -- my lawyer will also reply using FAX/Email
Posted by Jaiho87
01 May 2014 #13
What was the reason for Rfe, what documents they asked you to submit. please let me know asap. i too got rfe
Posted by Jaiho87
01 May 2014 #14
i am sorry, i got it thanks
Posted by f1h1
05 May 2014 #15
hey any update?
Posted by Perm0429
05 May 2014 #16
no update man - responded on 2/5 and the online status has not yet changed. My attorney says the online status runs behind the process of premium so its not very trusting (argh! i don't know what she says) - but there is no other update on this.
Posted by f1h1
05 May 2014 #17
I think they will look into it after may 12
Posted by Perm0429
13 May 2014 #18
Posted by H1bpetition
14 May 2014 #19
Hi Perm0429- Congrats on H1B approval. Can you please let me know if your status changed to RFE response review when you submitted your RFE response? or did it get approved directly from RFE status. I have submitted my RFE response on 7th May but the status still shows RFE. Worried. Would appreciate your reply.
Posted by Perm0429
14 May 2014 #20
thanks - no it didn't change. we replied back 05/02 -- the status changed to initial review on 05/08 and we received an email yesterday that its approved. The status changed to decision this morning. My case is premium and it took them this long. Arrggh.

Good luck sir.

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