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H-1B case: Approved in 56 days (31 days less than average)
15 May 2014
16 May 2014
30 May 2014
Educational Evaluation
02 Jul 2014
10 Jul 2014
10 Jul 2014
56 days
09 Jun 2014
11 Jul 2014

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Posted by om1983
10 Jun 2014 #1
We responded to RFE on 3rd June but still no update on USCIS site.
status is still showing as RFE.
Posted by Jaiho87
12 Jun 2014 #2
what's your actual RFE?
Posted by om1983
12 Jun 2014 #3
1) State if collegiate training was post secondary education.I.e. whether the applicant completed united states equivalent of high school before entering a college;

2) Provide a detailed explanation of the material evaluated, rather than a simple conclusory statement.

3) Briefly state the qualifications and experience of the evaluator providing the opinion.

no change in status yet.
Posted by alien1263
02 Jul 2014 #4
any updates on your case
Posted by om1983
02 Jul 2014 #5
Havent responded to RFE yet :(
Posted by om1983
08 Jul 2014 #6
Lawyer said he responded to RFE on 2 July.
However the status has not yet changed to "RFE Reponse Review"
any idea on that anyone? does the status get changed at all? if it does then in how many days after sending a response?
Posted by Manj201431
08 Jul 2014 #7
@om1983...I have also the same case...submitted the docs...but the status have not changed from RFE to RFE REVIEW! is anyone having idea how many days USCIS take to approve the case?
My docs have sent on 4th july by my attorney and it might have delivered by 07/07/2014. while checking the status online on USCIS there is no update!
will USCIS make the decision directly without showing the mid-steps?
Posted by om1983
09 Jul 2014 #8
Mine got updated to Initial Review on 8th July evening EDT. Lawyer had sent it on 2nd July, so it took 6 days.
and the 15 days clock starts from 8th and not from 2nd as I had thought earlier.

I guess yours will be updated by 10th July then.
And also in some cases they directly give the decision by passing the updates.
Posted by Jaiho87
11 Jul 2014 #9
Posted by om1983
11 Jul 2014 #10
Thank you!
Posted by Manj201431
11 Jul 2014 #11
Thanks Om1983......is the current project has to be ON until the decision comes? as my project will be ending in few days. what are the next steps if my project will end and the decision is still pending?
Posted by om1983
11 Jul 2014 #12
Hi Jimmy,
not sure about that. I wouldnt want to comment unless I am very sure.
Please check with a knowledgeable attorney about that.

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