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H-1B case: Approved in 54 days (33 days less than average)
03 Jul 2014
03 Jul 2014
15 Jul 2014
Company Name Change, Specialty Position, letters etc.
15 Aug 2014
26 Aug 2014
20 Aug 2014
54 days
09 Jul 2014
26 Aug 2014
Changed Status to "Initial Review" on Aug 20th and still pending. Just received USCIS status update alert and my case approved on Aug 26th 2014. Finally got approved.... Thank God.

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Posted by sameerh1bworke
14 Jul 2014 #1
are you still waiting for the decision?
Posted by curioush1b
17 Jul 2014 #2
still pending?
Posted by james1010
23 Jul 2014 #3
Updated letter from prime vendor for applied h1 duration, actual billing details or actual contract between prime vendor and client. Its good if you have a direct client letter for the duration or else a mail from client/prime vendor saying that they won't provide client letters
Posted by immgrationhelp
02 Sep 2014 #4
hey, did you get your hard copy..mine was approved on 26th too..havent got it yet.

Posted by Citibankguy
21 Feb 2015 #5
what was done to answer "Specialty position"? Any role evaluation?

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