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30 Mar 2014
04 Apr 2014
14 May 2014
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07 Aug 2014
02 Oct 2014
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06 Aug 2014
02 Oct 2014
Just received an update from USCIS regarding denial. I will update you on the denial reason if and when I hear from the attorney.

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Posted by raviper
10 Sep 2014 #1
Hi ava, is the decision still pending?
Posted by ava3888
10 Sep 2014 #2
Yes , the lawyer's rfe response was received by uscis on August 8,2014. We are still waiting for a response
Posted by raviper
10 Sep 2014 #3
Is it ordered by RFE response date, in case of RFE? i thought it is still the filing date that matters.
Posted by victor143
18 Sep 2014 #4
what is ur h1b Status is it approved ?
Posted by ava3888
19 Sep 2014 #5
Nope still waiting for a response :(
Posted by geniusavi
22 Sep 2014 #6
I am also in the same bucket. My wife's H1 petition rec'd a RFE. Response was received on 6th Aug. For some reason the status changed to "Initial Review" stating that a change of address was reported. When we contacted our lawyer he told that Lawyer's submit form G-28 along with RFE response. and this status on CIS website is synonymous to lawyer's address being added to the petition, as he was added as a case representative.

Bottomline is I am still waiting for my wife's H1 approval. Sigh! When is this wait going to be over!!
Posted by ava3888
23 Sep 2014 #7
Hi geniusavi, I can totally understand how unnerving the wait is. What is your wife's RFE about?
Posted by geniusavi
23 Sep 2014 #8
@ava3888 - The RFE is about Justifying Specialty Occupation and subsequent necessity of a bachelors degree for the job. Pretty Simple RFE, hence a simple straight forward response from the attorney. But so long a wait!!
Posted by AnitaAL
29 Sep 2014 #9
Seems like a lot of us are getting RFE's for Specialty Occupation. My RFE response was submitted on 8/25 but still no change in a status.
Posted by geniusavi
01 Oct 2014 #10
Hi Guys,

Did anyone's status changed from Initial Review/RFE Response Review?
Posted by ava3888
01 Oct 2014 #11
No, not mine. Still in RFE Response Review.
Posted by AnitaAL
01 Oct 2014 #12
Mine is still the same RFE response review.

Posted by avery143
01 Oct 2014 #13
Mine still rfe review submitted last july 31
Posted by geniusavi
02 Oct 2014 #14
Sorry to hear the news @ava3888. Are you planning to file a reconsideration of the petition? can you also tell the kind of inhouse project details you were asked to provide as part of RFE?
Posted by ava3888
02 Oct 2014 #15
They needed proof that the inhouse position that was applied for was specialty occupation, and that there were work orders from clients on the software that I would have worked on.

That was just 1/8th of the RFE. They then wanted to look at company tax returns, review of its software in trade journals, organization chart, marketing and financial analysis of their software , etc.
Posted by ava3888
02 Oct 2014 #16
No, I will not go the appeal route. It's true, H4 is a curse for someone who wants to make a career. The 6 month wait between H1b application and Job start makes it nearly impossible to find a legit job.
Posted by geniusavi
02 Oct 2014 #17
i completely understand your agony buddy.
Posted by geniusavi
02 Oct 2014 #18
Was the organization which filed your H1, a big organization?
Posted by AnitaAL
02 Oct 2014 #19
I am so sorry its sad how we have to wait for so many months before we know what the outcome would be.
Posted by ava3888
02 Oct 2014 #20
No, it was a small IT consulting firm, same crap that gets people where I am today. It sucks because these h4 to h1 rules pretty much make us helpless and surrender to the IT consultant route. But never again :'(
Posted by geniusavi
05 Oct 2014 #21
Hello Friends, By His Grace, my wife's H1 got approved on 10/3. Let me know if any of you have any questions which I can answer.
Posted by avery143
05 Oct 2014 #22
Do you got rfe? When did u submit it? Mine is rfe review since july 31, no decision still..
Posted by AnitaAL
05 Oct 2014 #23
Congrats happy for you ! When did you send the reply and when did you receive the approval?
Posted by AnitaAL
05 Oct 2014 #24
Avery143 which center is yours mine is california ?
Posted by avery143
05 Oct 2014 #25
Posted by geniusavi
05 Oct 2014 #26

Yes, RFE on Speciality Occupation was issued on my wife's H1 petition on May 17th and the RFE response was received by USCIS on Aug 6th. Approval was received on Oct 3rd and It was California service center for us.

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