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H-1B case: Approved in 62 days (25 days less than average)
23 Oct 2014
24 Oct 2014
04 Nov 2014
Client letter and Sow.
15 Dec 2014
24 Dec 2014
62 days
27 Oct 2014
24 Dec 2014
Finally !!!

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Posted by nj1083
05 Nov 2014 #1
what was the rfe
Posted by akash1233
06 Nov 2014 #2
i don't know yet .... i checked it yesterday ... its says it went in rfe ... my employer is cognizant and I'm checking with them .
Posted by h1bt
06 Nov 2014 #3
Are you joining cognizant from some other company? If yes have you resigned from you existing company and already joined CTS? I have also pending RFE with them.
Posted by akash1233
06 Nov 2014 #4
yes ... i have joined cognizant after resigning my company ..... let me know if we can connect somehow .
Posted by h1bt
06 Nov 2014 #5
Put ur email id or number in comment..
Posted by akash1233
06 Nov 2014 #6
Posted by akash1233
06 Nov 2014 #7
sorry its [email protected]
Posted by KVVDP
07 Nov 2014 #8
Same with me too.. Joining cts and got an RFE ... They are bit slow to reply it
Posted by h1bt
07 Nov 2014 #9
KVVDP Put ur email I'd here
Posted by KVVDP
07 Nov 2014 #10
Posted by akash1233
08 Nov 2014 #11
i spoke to h1bt few days back ... i think we are all stuck in the same scenario ....and i totally agree the guys in cts are damn slow .
Posted by KVVDP
12 Nov 2014 #12
Akash1233, when are they planning to respond to RFE? any commitment form them?
Posted by KVVDP
09 Dec 2014 #13
good luck.
Posted by frndzz
23 Dec 2014 #14
Hi Akash1233;
did you get the status change after submitting the RFE like
"RFE Response Received" or something like that yet?
Posted by eb3green
23 Dec 2014 #15
frndzz: is your case status changed after you replied ref?
Posted by frndzz
23 Dec 2014 #16
@eb3green: not yet :( waiting on same
Posted by akash1233
23 Dec 2014 #17
@frndzz : it has changed but not approved yet .
Posted by frndzz
23 Dec 2014 #18
Ok so when it got change to that status??
Posted by KVVDP
24 Dec 2014 #19
Congratulations and Al d best!!!

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