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H-1B case: Approved in 211 days (-124 days more than average)
22 Apr 2015
23 Apr 2015
19 Nov 2015
211 days
16 May 2015
20 Nov 2015
Approved in Regular. 1st SR - 25th Aug 2015, 2nd Email to CSC- 9th Nov 2015. Then Approval 19th Nov 2015

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Posted by salman95
18 May 2015 #1
Hi- when did you get your receipt?
Posted by sksksk
20 May 2015 #2
Got it on May 11th
Posted by balaskcet2005
28 Aug 2015 #3
Any update on ur case ?
Posted by sksksk
29 Aug 2015 #4
Nothing yet. My lawyer raised an SR today to see why it is taking so long.
Posted by iamsonny
01 Sep 2015 #5
Hi, Any update on the SR that your lawyer raised?
Posted by sksksk
04 Sep 2015 #6
No update on the SR. Donno wats going on with USCIS.
Posted by sksksk
11 Sep 2015 #7
got a standard update for the SR raised.

We recognize your interest in a final adjudication on your pending petition and are aware of the difficulties caused by any delay in processing. Due to the current FY16 CAP season, there are delays in the processing of many I-129 H-1B cases. The California Service Center is committed to processing this workload, and will be making every effort to adjudicate your case in an efficient manner based on our available resources.
Posted by Nagendr21
29 Oct 2015 #8
did it get approved ???
Posted by sksksk
03 Nov 2015 #9
Nothing yet... Still waiting.

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