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H-1B case: Approved in 108 days (-21 days more than average)
13 Oct 2015
14 Oct 2015
29 Jan 2016
108 days
14 Oct 2015
03 Feb 2016
Upgraded to PP on 1/22. Received receipt on 1/26 and received approval on 1/29. Waiting for 797.

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Posted by ashishcs2
02 Nov 2015 #1
Any updates?
Posted by kichooze
03 Nov 2015 #2
No updates yet. But my friend whose case was filed as premium got the approval yesterday.
Posted by Pray13
01 Jan 2016 #3
To ku goose,
Did u file under pp?
Posted by Pray13
01 Jan 2016 #4
Sorry! I meant kichooze.
Posted by kichooze
01 Jan 2016 #5
No it is still in regular. No updates yet.
Posted by kichooze
14 Jan 2016 #6
After waiting for so long and as the processing time is more than 6 months and due to personal reasons I might travel to India, I thought of changing it to PP. I am paying from my pocket to change it to PP. Waiting for receipt.
Posted by Pray13
16 Jan 2016 #7
@ Kichooze, did u upgrade to pp.
Posted by kichooze
17 Jan 2016 #8
Yes I just changed it to PP and now waiting for receipt.

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