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H-1B case: Approved in 370 days (-283 days more than average)
26 Jun 2015
26 Jun 2015
13 Jan 2016
30 Mar 2016
30 Jun 2016
370 days
14 Dec 2015
30 Jun 2016
Upgraded to PP on 21-June-2016 and approved have to wait till I get the copy to check I94 attached or not

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Posted by samchak
14 Jan 2016 #1
Hi, Did you converted to premium?
Posted by santhosh2261
14 Jan 2016 #2
No I am still in regular...
Posted by sandeep0544
10 Feb 2016 #3
Do you have any update ?
Posted by santhosh2261
06 Mar 2016 #4
No.. My lawyer will reply RFE this week
Posted by g01p
12 Apr 2016 #5
Hi Santhosh, have you got any update? Are you still working with regular?
Posted by santhosh2261
25 Apr 2016 #6
Yes still working with regular i dont want to go with premium
Posted by g01p
25 Apr 2016 #7
Oh ok.
Hope you get it approved soon.
Good luck
Posted by santhosh2261
25 Apr 2016 #8
Thank you for wishes
Posted by smadasu
10 Jun 2016 #9
Hi, You didn't raise a service request, as your RFE crossed 60 days limit.
Posted by santhosh2261
13 Jun 2016 #10
We did raise they said they will get it processed and give the decision.. no ETA provided
Posted by smadasu
04 Jul 2016 #11
Posted by InquiryStatus
12 Jul 2016 #12
Hi, did you got your I94 attached.
What was your I94 expired date and H1B approved date.
Posted by santhosh2261
12 Jul 2016 #13
Yes, I got I94 attached.. Expiry date of I94 is August 2018 same with H1B
Posted by InquiryStatus
12 Jul 2016 #14
congrats. i was checking on previous I-94 expiry date to relate to how many days it took for you to get H1B approval after previous I-94 expiry.
Posted by InquiryStatus
12 Jul 2016 #15
i have applied few days before H1B expiry and mine got 240 days completed with I94 expiry date by waiting on H1B status. I heard there are chances I94 wont be attached even though approval of H1B. Looking for all the options in those scenarios. Your answer would help.
Posted by santhosh2261
12 Jul 2016 #16
My previous I94 was there till 2017 mine is H1B transfer just change of status..

In your case I would suggest to upgrade premium at the earliest or else you will suffer like me.. refer my case I have waited 370 dates even I have valid visa and I94 but your case is more critical visa and i94 expired move it to premium at earliest
Posted by lordbalaji
05 Jan 2018 #17
@ santhosh2261 ..did you got you I797 with or without i94 ,i.e do u got i797A or i797B ?
Posted by santhosh2261
05 Jan 2018 #18
I got I94 attached so I was good
Posted by lordbalaji
05 Jan 2018 #19
@santhosh2261..can you please email me your contact num - [email protected] have one clarification

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