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H-1B case: Approved in 267 days (-180 days more than average)
15 Oct 2015
16 Oct 2015
12 Apr 2016
Not yet available
06 Jun 2016
08 Jul 2016
267 days
04 Apr 2016
11 Jul 2016
Approved on 8th July 2016.. ----------------- as of 04-Apr-2016- still pending with USCIS. I got RFE today on 4/12. Still waiting for RFE reason. As of 05/09 - RFE response received by USCIS on 4/21 and now waiting for their adjudication response.

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Posted by phanigode
05 Apr 2016 #1
Any update on your case? seems like some of October cases are being approved. Thought of checking if this is still the latest information.
Mine is Oct 21 , still waiting.
Posted by shyamGC
05 Apr 2016 #2
No.. still pending...
Posted by vgagbl
05 Apr 2016 #3
Mine is October 13, still waiting.
Posted by shyamGC
05 Apr 2016 #4
thanks for an update. Let me know once your's is approved.
Posted by phanigode
11 Apr 2016 #5
Have u checked urs? Most cases that I have been watching have been approved. Mine is yet to be done though.
Posted by shyamGC
11 Apr 2016 #6
yes, still pending as of 04/11/2016.
Posted by shyamGC
12 Apr 2016 #7
I got RFE today 4/12. Still waiting for RFE reason.
Posted by phanigode
12 Apr 2016 #8
That's sad. Let us know the reason once you have it.
Posted by addvij
09 May 2016 #9
Shyam,, did you had client letter when you were applying for the extension ?
Posted by shyamGC
09 May 2016 #10
No. I didn't provide any client letter to my employer. May be internally they arranged it before applying my extension.
Posted by addvij
17 May 2016 #11
Shyam, Please enlighten us on what happened ? any update ?

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