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H-1B case: Approved in 9 days (78 days less than average)
07 Jun 2016
08 Jun 2016
16 Jun 2016
9 days
08 Jun 2016
16 Jun 2016
H1/H4/EAD filed together

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Posted by suryas
10 Jun 2016 #1
whn did u send the docs?6th june
Posted by hgk261
10 Jun 2016 #2
Posted by suryas
10 Jun 2016 #3
i sent same on 7th still no EAC number so i asked
Posted by hgk261
10 Jun 2016 #4
Attorney get an email immediately once USCIS accepts your application. Please contact your attorney or employer to get the EAC number.
Posted by suryas
10 Jun 2016 #5
i did they said nothing they got....
Posted by wtfgccts
15 Jun 2016 #6
Did you get approval yet ?
Posted by hgk261
15 Jun 2016 #7
Under Processing.
Posted by swati02
16 Jun 2016 #8
hi hgk261,
Did you get an approval?

Posted by hgk261
16 Jun 2016 #9
Posted by wtfgccts
16 Jun 2016 #10
when it got approved ?
Posted by hgk261
16 Jun 2016 #11
This morning.
Posted by swati02
16 Jun 2016 #12
Congratulations! :)
Posted by usind08
16 Jun 2016 #13
Hi hgk261,
Could you please help me and tell me the language (message online?) that was written when your Case Status was changed to Approval online? I am asking you this as I my Status has also been changed to Approval but it does not say that the I797A has been emailed/mailed.
Please help.
Posted by hgk261
16 Jun 2016 #14
Hello usind08 - It says that case was approved and decision emailed. It says they emailed the approval notice. You need to check with your attorney. For me it said emailed approval notice. Still awaiting H4 and H4 EAD approval.
Posted by hgk261
16 Jun 2016 #15
Thanks Swati02! :)
Posted by usind08
16 Jun 2016 #16
This is what I got.
We approved your Form I-129, Petition for a Nonimmigrant Worker, Receipt Number EAC******** and emailed you an approval notice. Please follow any instructions on the approval notice.
What do they mean? I am confused what the mean by 'Follow any instructions in the Approval Notice'. My Wife's H4 Extension of Status also got approved. Does that mean I will receive an I-797A in the mail?
Posted by hgk261
17 Jun 2016 #17
My employers attorney applied for my H1/H4/EAD. I believe they will send it to Attorney and it will be mailed to me later. In your case please check with your employer.
I am still waiting for H4 extension approval. Did you get it the same day? The status messages shows that Case was received.
Posted by usind08
17 Jun 2016 #18
Yes. My Wife's H4 was also approved along side my H1-B, on the same day.
Just waiting on the paper copy of the Approval Notice now.
Posted by hgk261
17 Jun 2016 #19
Good to know. It is not showing any status update on H4 and H4 EAD. Is your wife working?
Posted by EB1B2016
17 Jun 2016 #20
Would you please let me know if your lawyer received approval notice I-797 in email?
Posted by hgk261
17 Jun 2016 #21
Hello H1B layoff ! I did receive an email from my employer with new I 94 and end date. I believe they must have received it since they sent the I 94 number.
Posted by hgk261
17 Jun 2016 #22
Do you have a problem getting your I 94 Number and end date ?
Posted by EB1B2016
18 Jun 2016 #23
I was out of status from May 31st to June 16th (16 days) before my new employer had applied H1B transfer in premium. My last pay check was on May 31st. I'm worried if they will issue I-94 or not?. If they don't issue I-94 then I would have to go for stamping but my new job start date is on July 5th.
Posted by suryas
20 Jun 2016 #24
USCIS status will it say , is it premium or not?
Posted by wtfgccts
20 Jun 2016 #25
Did you h4 got approved. If yes how much time difference between h1 and h4 approval?
Posted by hgk261
20 Jun 2016 #26
Still awaiting H4/EAD approval. USCIS will not say if its Premium.
Posted by hgk261
20 Jun 2016 #27
@H1BLayoff - You were out of status in the sense that your project with client ended? Are you working in EVC model? If your project ended and your employer had not cancelled your H1 you should be fine I suppose. But looks like your new employer delayed in filing your H1B. Once he applied your H1B you should be fine.Did you get approval yet?
Posted by EB1B2016
20 Jun 2016 #28
I was a full time employee to my previous employer. I just checked on USCIS website, it doesn't say anything if my previous employer has revoked H1B yet. Yes my new employer((full time) delayed 16 days and applied on 16th in premium so now I'm worried because of that 16 days gap weather or not they will issue I-94.
Posted by hgk261
20 Jun 2016 #29
Please speak to the Attorney from your new employer. They should give you more information. From what I have known with full time opportunities having worked for one is that you are "Out of Status" the day you quit your full time job. I do not know if you can wait to find another employer and transfer your H1B. Perhaps an attorney can answer that question. If your new employer has applied for H1 B transfer in Premium knowing well that you have a gap tells me that attorney knew before applying your transfer. Just calm down and wait for the result. You should get your approval soon.
Posted by wtfgccts
21 Jun 2016 #30
Keep me posted on h4 approval, i am also in same boat h1 got approved but h4 not yet approved.
Posted by wtfgccts
21 Jun 2016 #31
Keep me posted on h4 approval, i am also in same boat h1 got approved but h4 not yet approved.
Posted by hgk261
21 Jun 2016 #32
@wtfgccts - I checked and it looks like the H4/EAD was approved on June 17. Still waiting to receiving the approval documents.
Posted by wtfgccts
21 Jun 2016 #33
@hgk261 , how you checked, its on usics website. when it got updated on usics website
Posted by rajeshplp
22 Jun 2016 #34
I have submitted my documents for H1B/H4/H4-EAD extensions on June 16 and USCIS received on June 20 and it is under Permiun and vermont center.
We haven't received any email for H1B and H4-EAD(filled G-1145 and gave my wife's email and cell number). Can someone help me out why this much delay to receive email ?
Posted by hgk261
22 Jun 2016 #35
@rajeshplp - Hello Rajesh In my case within 2 business days I received an MAIL from USCIS with receipts for H4 AND EAD. The receipt was to confirm that they have received the request and are processing. Hope this helps.
Posted by hgk261
22 Jun 2016 #36
@wtfgccts - I checked using the receipt number EAC XXXXXXXX .
Posted by rajeshplp
22 Jun 2016 #37
@hgk261 - Thanks for the response. I will see today and then i can go back and talk to my employer.
Posted by jayshah
27 Jun 2016 #38
hello hgk261,

can you please clarify that your employer or attorney received an approved I797 through EMAIL. after your status changed case approved and emailed approval notice.

I need to know specifically if they emailed I797. because my case status says same case was approved and emailed approval notice.

please clarify about email.
14 Jul 2016 #39

Congrats !!!
my Employer sent file on July 8 abut till now i have not received any response yet.

My employer said they havent got any updates as well.

Appreciate your reply.
Posted by satemp
20 Jul 2016 #40
I have received only h1b receipt notice not h4 and h4 ead.

How did you receive H4 and H4 Ead receipt notices. Did you get them along with h1 receipt notice in email ? or you have received them in mail to your address or attorneys address ?

Appreciate your help.

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