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H-1B case: Approved in 195 days (-108 days more than average)
01 Dec 2016
02 Dec 2016
14 Jun 2017
16 Jun 2017
195 days
16 Dec 2016
29 Jun 2017
On June 16, 2017 - Case approved On May 31, 2017 - Case Transferred And New Office Has Jurisdiction On May 19, 2017 - Case Transferred And New Office Has Jurisdiction

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Posted by radhakrishna05
02 May 2017 #1
is Nebraska center taking too long time in providing approvals? I have heard that Vermont center is processing quickly after premium processing is put on hold?
Posted by Wilkes14
02 May 2017 #2
Yes, As far as I know, Vermont is processing 'regular' cases in filed in Feb 17.
Nebraska is hardly processing a regular case. I believe the latest regular case processed was filed in Sept 2016.
Nebraska's premium processing is now for cases filed on 3/30/17, hope that gets completed soon and they starts considering 'regular' cases.
Posted by radhakrishna05
10 May 2017 #3
I came to know that some load from California center is transferred to Nebraska center and they are processing very old cases of California (July & August 2016). After these cases, they would consider regular cases.
Posted by Wilkes14
14 May 2017 #4
My problem is that I am unable to get my mind of this. Almost checking the tracker ever two hours to see any regular case approvals.
Posted by Kaarth
26 May 2017 #5
Do you know which center your case is transferred? Looks like all of the extension cases @ Nebraska transferred recently. Mine is also same status. Transferred on 05/16.
Posted by Wilkes14
27 May 2017 #6
I am not yet aware of the new Service Center. I think most of the cases from Nov and Dec 2016 has been transferred.
Posted by Wilkes14
31 May 2017 #7
Case transferred again on May 31, 2017 :(
I think this is some system issue in USCIS causing multiple notification.
Posted by RUUU
27 Jun 2017 #8
Hey, any idea what's happening around. So many cases filed later than ours or transferred later than ours, are all getting approved. Don't know why they are not picking cases transferred on 31st may. I see many of them transferred on other dates approved. And they are also not following any order. Quite tensed as thereare only few days left for me.
Posted by Wilkes14
29 Jun 2017 #9
@RUUU, I hope you have a decision on your case soon.
Posted by Wilkes14
29 Jun 2017 #10
There is something strange I wanted to share. I went to DMV on June 10th to extend my driving license after hearing that they give a temporary extension (8 months or less) based on Receipt notice. But the lady over there told me that she has to submit a request to verify my immigrant status and I will receive a letter from DMV with the date until which DL can be extended. The letter for verification of my immigrant status from DMV and Approval for H1 extension case came around the same time. It could be just coincidence, but wanted to share with you all.

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