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H-1B case: Approved in 7 days (80 days less than average)
23 Mar 2017
24 Mar 2017
30 Mar 2017
7 days
27 Mar 2017
30 Mar 2017
my case approved today. I can see it online today.

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Posted by jonty115
28 Mar 2017 #1

did you received the receipt number?
Posted by immiknow
28 Mar 2017 #2
Yes i did receive the recipt notice yesterday
Posted by jonty115
28 Mar 2017 #3
Thank you.
Posted by achillestroy
29 Mar 2017 #4
By any chance, was this applied with H4 status extension and H4 EAD extension as well? If so, were the H4 ext and EAD ext applications approved together?
Posted by immiknow
30 Mar 2017 #5
I know about H4 Extension. EAD is NA for me at this point of time.
Posted by achillestroy
30 Mar 2017 #6
was H4 extn approved along with this?
Posted by mk01
30 Mar 2017 #7
@immiknow - whats your status as of yesterday.. was it like case received and a notice emailed. Also is it upgraded to premium or direct premium
whether USCIS aill update frequently or same status from morning till evening
Posted by ramaro
31 Mar 2017 #8
Congratulations !!

Would you please give some guidance on your receipt number. You may omit the last 3 digits if you want for privacy. It will really help understand the movement as we are in this last stretch.

thanks !!
Posted by immiknow
31 Mar 2017 #9
@Mk01 - It was case received and notice email to "case was approved and My decision was mailed. "
It was direct premium and USCIS change status in the night also sometimes.

@aroram - For my case, It took only 6 days for approved. My Apologies i would not be able to share the case number as my employer strictly said no for this. But i would be able to answer any other question you have.
Posted by immiknow
31 Mar 2017 #10
@achillestroy - Yes, H4 is also approved along with this.
Posted by mk01
31 Mar 2017 #11
@immiknow - whats your date shown before that On March 28, 2017, we received your Form I-129, Petition for a Nonimmigrant Worker.
ehats your date
Posted by immiknow
31 Mar 2017 #12
@Mk01 - My date was March 21.
Posted by mk01
03 Apr 2017 #13
@immiknow - h4 also approved for you , howlong petition has been approved ?

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