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H-1B case: Approved in 116 days (-29 days more than average)
03 Apr 2017
04 Apr 2017
28 Jul 2017
02 Jun 2017
116 days
07 Apr 2017
28 Jul 2017
H1+H4+H4EAD Case transferred to another center Status updated to Card is being produced for H4 EAD case.

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Posted by stapler
09 Sep 2017 #1
Did you get the H4EAD card yet? My wife's H4EAD case status changed to new card is being produced on 5th Sep after I opened a SR. If you have received the card when did you actually receive it? Also, what about the H1 and H4 cases. Have you received approval notices for them yet?
Posted by blossom123
09 Sep 2017 #2
Received all the docs between 7-10 days. U can register for informed Delivery with usps and you will get a notification once is card is mailed. I hope you should receive the card before Wednesday or Thursday next week.
Posted by stapler
10 Sep 2017 #3
thank u fr the reply. One more question. Did the status of H4EAD application change for you to "Card was mailed"? What about H1 and H4 statues .. are they still "Case was transferred" or "Approved"?
Posted by blossom123
10 Sep 2017 #4
Yes. The card status is card was mailed and h1/h4 still shows as transferred.

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