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H-1B case: Pending for 1922 days (-1835 days more than average)
29 Mar 2017
17 Apr 2017
26 May 2017
Client Letter, Employee and employer relationship and Main vendor contact between Client and vendor
1906 days
07 Apr 2017
30 May 2017
application delivered on 03/29, waiting on Receipt

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Posted by debiprosad2014
10 Apr 2017 #1
Have you receive receipt number?
Posted by james1010
10 Apr 2017 #2
nope, not yet
Posted by debiprosad2014
11 Apr 2017 #3
Hi, Did you get any update?
Posted by james1010
11 Apr 2017 #4
not yet, I think they are looking at Mar 27/28 now, hopefully we should get it by thursday
Posted by chhibber
12 Apr 2017 #5
But mine got submitted on 23rd March, I still don't have the receipt number.
Posted by debiprosad2014
13 Apr 2017 #6
Did you get receipt?
Posted by james1010
13 Apr 2017 #7
no update yet from attorney
Posted by james1010
13 Apr 2017 #8
I don't see anyone getting any new receipts or approvals today :(
Posted by debiprosad2014
14 Apr 2017 #9
did you get receipt no ?
Posted by debiprosad2014
15 Apr 2017 #10
@james1010 what is the fedex delivery date?
Posted by james1010
17 Apr 2017 #11
March 29 is the Fed ex delivery date. Friday is a USICS holiday, I guess, that' why no receipts or approvals
Posted by james1010
17 Apr 2017 #12
got Receipt today. Date Received in e-mail : 03/29/2017 , Usics Received date in USCIS: 04/17/2014.
Posted by sandhune11
17 Apr 2017 #13
I don't think Friday was a Holiday.. Friday was not Federal Holiday.
Posted by aleche
17 Apr 2017 #14
any idea if this will still be processed under premium , since premium processing was suspended on Apr 2 and USCIS received on 4/17 ? I am in a similar position
Posted by james1010
17 Apr 2017 #15
to my knowledge, this will be considered as premium processing as the application was received on or before Mar 31st...but it may take longer than 15 days to process,,may be 10- 15 more from the USCIS received date..
Posted by siddiq
17 Apr 2017 #16
Does anyone of your PP check debited with 3/29 received date..
Posted by lotterywinner
17 Apr 2017 #17
james1010, when did the check amount got encashed by USCIS for premium fee?
Posted by james1010
18 Apr 2017 #18
Posted by sandhune11
21 Apr 2017 #19
@james1010 I think files with received date 29, 30 Mar are currently being processed for which receipt has been issued irrespective of picked up dates.. as yours is on 29th March hope you'll get update today and for PPl with received date as 30 Mar Next week.
Posted by james1010
21 Apr 2017 #20
Hope so....Friday approval will be nice for Weekend...:)
Posted by sandhune11
24 Apr 2017 #21
any update?
Posted by james1010
26 Apr 2017 #22
Not yet
Posted by helloworld09
30 May 2017 #23
Hey, any update on your case?
Posted by james1010
30 May 2017 #24
got RFE on 05/23 asking client letter and Client and main vendor contract
Posted by helloworld09
30 May 2017 #25
Cool . Atleast some response!!
Posted by screamingkarts
25 Sep 2017 #26
Please let us know if there are any update in your case. Thank you.
Posted by mumbai2edison
06 Feb 2018 #27
any updates?????

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