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30 Mar 2017
30 Mar 2017
10 May 2017
06 Jun 2017
15 Jun 2017
77 days
12 Apr 2017
15 Jun 2017
Premium , filed march 30, 2017, USCIS display received April 21st, 2017. RFE replied and USCIS received June 8. within some days. Denied today I have time till October 1st 2017. what other options.

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Posted by debiprosad2014
13 Apr 2017 #1
Did you get receipt number?
Posted by Sanjayshah1
13 Apr 2017 #2
@debiprosad2014 : NO. not till 13th April afternoon.
Posted by iwillgetit
13 Apr 2017 #3
I am in the same boat. My application reached to USCIS on 30th March. Have not received any update yet.
Posted by debiprosad2014
14 Apr 2017 #4
did you get receipt no ?
Posted by Sanjayshah1
18 Apr 2017 #5
not yet. during lunch hour I asked my HR. lets see.
Posted by stalla
20 Apr 2017 #6
Still I am waiting for receipt no, did you get receipt no?
Posted by Sanjayshah1
21 Apr 2017 #7
Update April 21st 8:50 am my HR got receipt and status is we received your case April 21, 2017 for I-129..!!! now worried that my case under premium and my HR told me right now that case is under premium they are slow to issue receipt but it will be premium. Is it?
Posted by stalla
21 Apr 2017 #8
if you see the email, there it clearly mentioned it's premium or not. As I understood from this forum that, email receipt received only for premiums.
Posted by patel2015
21 Apr 2017 #9
Do you have your email receipt? forwarded by HR? what it says?
Posted by sandhune11
21 Apr 2017 #10
I believe they are processing files delivered to them on March 29 and March 30. Irrespective of when it is picked it should be adjudicated soon. Lets hope for the best. When was your file delivered?
Posted by Sanjayshah1
27 Apr 2017 #11
Hi, NO Email not mentioned premium. My I-129 case says they received April 20. My Son & wife H4 - EAD also together that's also different date.
H4 SON status Application received April 18, 2017. WIFE H4 Date received March 30, 2017 on I797C, I-765 date status Application on I-797C is April 18, 2017. I don't get my receipt might that will deliver attorney or HR.
No email mentioned PREMIUM, now worried..!!!
Posted by banty
10 May 2017 #12
any update about case or is it still case received ?
Posted by Sanjayshah1
10 May 2017 #13
Same received case and send email notice. that's it.
Posted by Sanjayshah1
12 May 2017 #14
Get RFE on MAY 10, 2017 don't know yet what USCIS needs.
Posted by iwillgetit
17 May 2017 #15
Did you get to know what the RFE is for?
Posted by Sanjayshah1
18 May 2017 #16
Premium-RFE, Proof from got first H1 to till date with company A , transfer with Company B. proof that A and B both maintaining H1B, Proof that what I worked for, Proof that taxes paid each year, proof of performance report, also include past companies managers email address and hiring documents. so, I have to show since year 2006 to till date.
Posted by arunsel
23 May 2017 #17
Any updates for your case or the EAD?
Posted by Sanjayshah1
24 May 2017 #18
@arunsel RFE to H1B, needs lots of documents as I mentioned in above comment. no update further for any case until not submit all documents, uscis deadline July 30, 2017 to submit all documents with all proof etc.
Posted by Sanjayshah1
15 Jun 2017 #19
Done, Denied. looking for h1b transfer if possible. bad days, never Audit or RFE since year 2006. what a reward by US Immigration system.
Posted by ilovehome
12 Jul 2017 #20
Hi Sanjayshah1,

Sorry to hear that, Would you please share us the reason the Denied your application ?

Thank you
Posted by Sanjayshah1
14 Jul 2017 #21
Do not found year 2006-2007 TAX return archive, pay stubs, they mentioned my initial period 2006 / 2007 proof of income that not sufficient, means I don't work and staying in USA. that's hilarious. also 2006-2007 I filed my tax by desi firm they not provided me any forms that time. I submitted W2 of 2006 but don't found 2007 it's missing. I wrote to USCIS but refused. I have still little time to transfer new company will apply next month. I have time till September 1st week.

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