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H-1B case: Approved in 188 days (-101 days more than average)
13 Apr 2017
14 Apr 2017
20 Jul 2017
Prove H1-B Specialty Occupation.
06 Oct 2017
18 Oct 2017
188 days
20 Apr 2017
18 Oct 2017
Replied to RFE on October 6,2017 and applied for PP. Case transferred to California Service center on June 14

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Posted by Sept13
25 Apr 2017 #1
Any updates on receipt?
Posted by redroad
26 Apr 2017 #2
I did not get receipt until today. When did you apply for the extension and if are also in the same lines can you update me when you receive yours.
Posted by crazyusa
05 May 2017 #3
I filed on Apr 12th 2017 h1B extension till now I haven't received the file no. any delays happening on this also ?
Posted by redroad
08 May 2017 #4
@balakrishna2ma, My Application reached on April 14, I did not get receipt my mail but checked with HR if the checks were cashed. You can check with your HR to see if USICS cashed the checks, atleast you will know your case has been taken in.
Posted by stapler
31 Jul 2017 #5
Has your status on the USCIS status page changed or you only received RFE notice in mail?
Posted by redroad
31 Jul 2017 #6
First the case status changed to RFE only July 20, and I got email from the attorney on Friday July 28 details on my RFE.
Posted by divideby7
11 Aug 2017 #7
what was the RFE details? what documents did you submit to prove speciality occupation? Are you FTE or consultant?
Posted by redroad
13 Oct 2017 #8
@divideby7: I am a FTE with I-140 approved and filed for extension with the same company.
Posted by kikidoyoulovme
25 Oct 2017 #9
can you tell what documents have you submitted to proof specialty occupation?
Posted by redroad
31 Oct 2017 #10
Hi,@h1b0is0bae Please see below:
1. Expert Opinion Letter
2. Detailed job description (% time spent on duties)
3. Similar job positing which requires a bachelors degree (from dice and indeed)
4. Industry chart
5. My colleague(similar job title) , his bachelors and masters certificates with pay stubs.
6. Company tax
7. Employer support letter
8. Org chart
9. Most recent paystubs

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