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H-1B case: Approved in 72 days (16 days less than average)
10 May 2017
24 May 2017
21 Jul 2017
72 days
01 Jul 2017
02 Aug 2017
H1B and H4 Extension beyond 6 yrs, regular process after I140 USCIS website is not showing the case status update. But, My attorney received the approval notice. All the very best to others !!

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Posted by saurya1982
01 Aug 2017 #1
Hello Barat26. Congratulations on your approval. Did your attorney received the original approval notice hard copy or they got the notification via email?
Posted by ano2015
02 Aug 2017 #2
Hi, quick question - Did you start working for your new employer after getting the receipt or did you wait for the approval?
Posted by amit0987
02 Aug 2017 #3
ano2015 - One should always wait for the extension to come through otherwise you will be in what they call a 'bridging' situation and in case your older H1 extension gets denied the new employer H1 will also get automaticall denied and you will be out of H1 status. This is called the last action rule - Google it.
Posted by ano2015
02 Aug 2017 #4
Amit - Sorry, I might not have been clear earlier. My current visa ends in 2019 and I am now looking at changing employers. So what I'm wondering is - should I wait for the approval of the new employer H1b before joining or if I should join based on the USCIS receipt of their application?
Posted by amit0987
02 Aug 2017 #5
If you have received USCIS receipt for new H1B then you can join the new employer pending new H1b approval.
Posted by ano2015
02 Aug 2017 #6
I was looking at https://www.quora.com/Can’t-I-switch-jobs-on-H1B-now-as-H1B-premium-processing-suspension-for-the-next-6-month-is-in-effect-as-notified-on-3-3-17
specially the comment by Vikram. What are the chances that it gets denied? What are my alternatives in that case?
Posted by amit0987
02 Aug 2017 #7
No one but God knows what chances are there for it getting denied or approved. Welcome to the immigrant life in the US. If it is denied, you are out of status but based on Obama rule making approved last year, you will now have 60 days (As opposed to 30 before Obama rule) to find a new employer who will file H1 for you.
Posted by BARAT26
02 Aug 2017 #8
@saurya1982 : Yes, My attorney received the notice hard copy.
@ano2015 : I am with the same employer and I did not plan for switch.

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