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H-1B case: Pending for 1886 days (-1799 days more than average)
28 Jul 2017
31 Jul 2017
1883 days
31 Jul 2017
20 Jan 2018
H1B Receipt - 08/07/2017 Premium Processing Done in October to get h1b in 2 weeks.

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Posted by kumarece
31 Jul 2017 #1
Hi h1bi140ead,

How long did it take to receive the receipt number from the filed date ?

Posted by h1bi140ead
31 Jul 2017 #2
I am still waiting for it.
Posted by raj5050
04 Aug 2017 #3
Hi h1bi140ead,

mine is filled on 27th of july just want to check with you, did you get your h1b receipt from USCIS.
Posted by h1bi140ead
07 Aug 2017 #4
Not yet, still waiting for it
Posted by raj5050
07 Aug 2017 #5
bro, please update the post if you get an information related to you case
Posted by h1bi140ead
07 Aug 2017 #6
I see 2 mails in my mailbox for H4 and H4 EAD so I am sure attorney will be receiving it today for H1B as well.
Posted by raj5050
07 Aug 2017 #7
Do USCIS send h1b receipt through email?
Posted by raj5050
07 Aug 2017 #8
i mean do they notify through email or mail/post?
Posted by h1bi140ead
07 Aug 2017 #9
It's in my mailbox for H4. I don't think email option is available. For H1B receipt, I am waiting for confirmation from the attorney.
Posted by raj5050
07 Aug 2017 #10
oh cool. let us know if you hear anything from attorney
Posted by coolapprovals
07 Aug 2017 #11
@h1bi140ead, friend, do we get H4 receipt by postal mail to our home address? I have not checked my mailbox in a while, i will check today. I am exactly in the same situation. h1b transfer and h4 has been concurrently filed on July 27th and no receipt notice still from attorney. Fedex delivery received on 27th July.
Posted by raj5050
07 Aug 2017 #12
I think you might get by today or tomorrow. i just got mine and USCIS has started giving receipts for 27th and 28th July application
Posted by raj5050
07 Aug 2017 #13
sorry they are processing 31st july and 1st august applications as well
Posted by h1bi140ead
07 Aug 2017 #14
Got the H1B receipt today
Posted by coolapprovals
08 Aug 2017 #15
I checked my mailbox yesterday and i got the H4 receipt receipted on July27th itself. I guess it would have been delivered sometime last week. But still not received the H1B receipt from Attorney. Have mailed them. I am assuming my H1B also would have been receipted since both H4 and H1B have been filed concurrently.
Posted by coolapprovals
08 Aug 2017 #16
My attorney just said they did not receive my receipt yet. Any change that they will get the receipt notice within this week?
Posted by srinivas244
09 Aug 2017 #17
Any update?
Posted by coolapprovals
10 Aug 2017 #18
no update till now. :(
Posted by h1bi140ead
10 Aug 2017 #19
You can call USCIS to check with your fedex number .If yours were filed before my date, you should have received it unless it is still in the mailroom/
Posted by coolapprovals
10 Aug 2017 #20
ok, which fedex number should i use to check? the one that was sent by attorney to uscis? please could you give me details on how to contact uscis and what details should i furnish to follow up?
Posted by h1bi140ead
10 Aug 2017 #21
Yes fedex number given by the attorney. Search from trackitt I saw as post where someone mentioned this process, I am not able to find that post but you can search to see that in H1B forum
Posted by coolapprovals
10 Aug 2017 #22
Ok so i called uscis and the officer was very nice explaining me that the petitioner needs to be on the call to authorize if I don't know the receipt number. He asked me to have the petitioner on the call. But i don't think it will be possible to have the petitioner on the call in my case because the employer has huge employee strength and i don't he will agree to spare time individually with me. Not sure what could i do to check if the receipt was mailed or not.
Posted by coolapprovals
12 Aug 2017 #23
got the h1b receipt yesterday and I made my arrangements to join my new employer immediately. will be joining coming monday, so there will not be any gap.
Posted by BradT
18 Aug 2017 #24
Hi coolapprovals, is your job full time with client or is it consultant job?
Posted by coolapprovals
18 Aug 2017 #25
full time with a firm
Posted by GoGo9
20 Jan 2018 #26
Hi Any update on you case?
Posted by h1bi140ead
20 Jan 2018 #27
I did premium in Oct, got it in 2 weeks.

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