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H-1B case:
06 Jun 2017
07 Jun 2017
17 Aug 2017
Online status updated to "Request for Additional Evidence Was Mailed". Reason is not yet known.
2355 days
15 Aug 2017
26 Dec 2017
Withdrawn before RFE response deadline (11/09). The withdrawal notice was received on 11/25.

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Posted by amey
23 Aug 2017 #1
did your attorney receive the RFE in mail yet?
Posted by liuguangshuo
23 Aug 2017 #2
My attorney received the RFE yesterday on 08/22/2017. I haven't seen the letter yet. It appears to be related details of my job duties. Some background about me: US STEM master degree, 2+ years full time software engineer at Google before. Now transferring to another big company with 10K+ employees.
Posted by s2a123
01 Sep 2017 #3
Do you know the reason?
Posted by liuguangshuo
01 Sep 2017 #4
No really. The attorney refused to share the letter with me. Apparently USCIS wants more detailed job description. But considering the firm is using the same job description for every software engineer, I think it is just a random RFE.
Posted by s2a123
01 Sep 2017 #5
Was your LCA for wage level 1?
Posted by liuguangshuo
01 Sep 2017 #6
Not sure what that means. Salary is 150k/year
Posted by transfer123
16 Sep 2017 #7
Thanks for your sharing, I also received RFE based on online status checking. I haven't seen my RFE document, I would appreciate your help if you can update your status if you get approved later. So wired for me... I move to a top bank in US with higher salary than before, still receive RFE.

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