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H-1B case: Approved in 120 days (-27 days more than average)
13 Sep 2017
14 Sep 2017
11 Jan 2018
120 days
26 Sep 2017
12 Jan 2018
cheque cashed 09/28. receipt notice mailed in 10/5. Premium filed Dec 8th 2017. Premium updated online Jan 10th 2018. Car approved online Jan 11th 2018.

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Posted by jithsh1b
27 Sep 2017 #1
Since your case is now 2 weeks old and the last two cases posted here for Vermont got their receipts in 2 weeks time, checking to see if you have any updates.
Posted by born4h1b
27 Sep 2017 #2
No update on receipt number. Cheque is not encashed yet. Stressful for me. Good luck to you.
Posted by jithsh1b
27 Sep 2017 #3
Thanks, same case here... good luck
Posted by born4h1b
27 Sep 2017 #4
@jithsh1b were you by chance able to check the shipping tracking number.
Posted by jithsh1b
27 Sep 2017 #5
I was told it was overnighted... There hasn't been a lot of info sharing from my new employers legal team. They did confirm that they did not receive the receipt in today's mail. We have been moving the start date for 2 weeks now. It was supposed to be 18th.
Posted by born4h1b
27 Sep 2017 #6
@jithsh1b Thank You much. Mine is consulting and has layers. Not sure if this is case to case basis. Is yours FTE?
Posted by jithsh1b
27 Sep 2017 #7
Yup FTE. I’m hoping we will both have the receipt by this Friday.
Posted by h1trans2017
27 Sep 2017 #8
@jithsh1b and @osrupatrack ... How much time took for LCA approval process?
Posted by jithsh1b
27 Sep 2017 #9
LCA took a little more than a week for me.
Posted by born4h1b
27 Sep 2017 #10
h1rfe2016- it took exactly 7 working days including filing date. On 7th day it's approved online.
Posted by h1trans2017
27 Sep 2017 #11
Thanks jithsh1b and osrupatrack. Can you please share online link to tracks the LCA. My attorney didn’t share such link with me.
Posted by born4h1b
28 Sep 2017 #12
h1rfe2016. If attorney can provide you LCA#. You can check status here https://icert.doleta.gov/.
Posted by h1trans2017
03 Oct 2017 #13
Thanks jithsh1b and osrupatrack. Still my LCA is not approved. its more than 8 days now. did you guys receive receipt number ? if yes How much time it took for you.
Posted by born4h1b
03 Oct 2017 #14
lca took 7 business days. No h1 receipt yet
Posted by survivour
25 Jan 2018 #15
My H1B petition was approved on 10th Jan as well. However, attorney have not received original copy of I-797A in mail yet. Did your attorney receive I-797A in mail? How long did it take?
Posted by born4h1b
25 Jan 2018 #16
Survivor it took exactly 7 days for the original copy that my employer received from the date of approval

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