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H-1B case:
21 Sep 2017
10 Oct 2017
20 Oct 2017
Received RFEalert this morning. Awaiting to hear from Attorney what it is about. This is H1B Transfer to FTE
02 Jan 2018
16 Jan 2018
16 Jan 2018
117 days
18 Oct 2017
16 Jan 2018
The case was denied today. It was a FTE position and wage level 3. CSA role and RFE was related to Speciality Occupation. Fragomen submitted all documents and also did credential evaluation

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Posted by dsv2017
18 Oct 2017 #1
Hi, after you upgraded, did you see status change like 'Request for premium processing received'?
Posted by divideby7
18 Oct 2017 #2
No my status showed case received and receipt dispatched. I checked email receipt for attorney and says pp request received as of date 10/10 and shud be processed within 15 days. I didn't see request for pp status on line. when did you request PP and is this the first message update you seeing or was there any other message.
Posted by divideby7
18 Oct 2017 #3
does it show the new revised date as case received mine now shows new date which matches with PP requested date
Posted by dsv2017
18 Oct 2017 #4
oh, no new date, still old date (July) and says 'Case was received'. May be I have to check with attorney if he received any email receipt. Correct?
Posted by dsv2017
18 Oct 2017 #5
I dont know in my case, if they even received PP request, as it is still showing old date.
Posted by divideby7
18 Oct 2017 #6
yes pls check with attorney. I received email receipt plus status changed to case received with new date
Posted by dsv2017
18 Oct 2017 #7
Thanks for your inputs! Fingers crossed
Posted by sadhead
20 Oct 2017 #8
is your case approved?
Posted by dsv2017
20 Oct 2017 #9
not yet. still waiting. The case showed 'Request for premium processing received' on oct 18th and again back to 'case was received' with revised date (oct 19). This is looking a little weird, is there a chance of it moving back to regular ?
Posted by sadhead
21 Oct 2017 #10
@divideby7 - could you pls let me know if your application is approved? We also applied on the same date and still waiting
Posted by divideby7
22 Oct 2017 #11
@sadhead no I'm still awaiting to hear. application still pending.how By you.
Posted by sadhead
23 Oct 2017 #12
We are also still waiting.. is your case extension or transfer i can see two rows in the tracker on your name?
Posted by divideby7
23 Oct 2017 #13
@ sadhead - One is an extension one is a FTE transfer. Got RFE on the transfer this morning. Awaiting to hear back from attorney
Posted by sadhead
23 Oct 2017 #14
@divideby7 - ok. Just recieved the approval today morning. All the best to you
Posted by santhosh2261
16 Jan 2018 #15
@divideby7 .. so sorry to hear your petition is denied.. what options do you have now? I am on same boat associated with Fragomen
Posted by arpr2
16 Jan 2018 #16
Hey Sorry to hear this. Hope you will reapply or apply new H1B. is this for Pega CSA role or which one? what is the soc code?
Posted by shackle
17 Jan 2018 #17
Sorry to hear that. @santhosh2261, @divideby7, I just got a denial notice as well FTE to FTE. What are the options?
Posted by santhosh2261
17 Jan 2018 #18
@shackle mine is not denied yet .. Fragomen response have reached USCIS yesterday waitin to hear the decision looking at situation i have to get ready with options
Posted by shackle
17 Jan 2018 #19
@santhosh oh you should be fine. Don’t worry about it. I am just hoping it was a missing document or something. Can’t say for sure till I get the written notice.
Posted by santhosh2261
17 Jan 2018 #20
@Shackle thanks lets hope besthttp://www.trackitt.com/images/submit_button.gif
Posted by gchere
02 Feb 2018 #21
divideby7- sorry to see that you got denied.

What is mentioned in the denial letter? Do you know what docs you submitted as part of answering RFE for specialty occupation?
Posted by H1BVisaTrack
23 Mar 2018 #22
Hi, Sorry for your result. I'm yet to get response for my RFE. What did you do after transfer got denied?

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