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H-1B case:
25 Oct 2017
26 Oct 2017
13 Mar 2018
RFE Reason in unknown.
19 Jun 2018
237 days
06 Nov 2017
06 Aug 2018

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Posted by h1bvisabala
05 Jan 2018 #1
Hi, did you receive any update yet?
Posted by Arunme
19 Mar 2018 #2
Hi, did you upgraded to premium or it is normal processing? i can see only Sep petition are getting approved.
Posted by slammm
19 Mar 2018 #3

I have not yet upgraded the case to premium. As I have received RFE for this petition, planning to upgrade the case to premium when RFE response is sent.

Posted by Arunme
19 Mar 2018 #4
Thanks for the update.. then i assume they started processing OCT petition too..
Posted by slammm
19 Mar 2018 #5
Yes. They have started to process October cases. But some cases in September are still pending. One of my friend filed in September but his case is still in received status.

The USCIS case status site does not have any update. But this link had an update for my case https://myaccount.uscis.dhs.gov/

Posted by Arunme
19 Mar 2018 #6
my petition was applied by my company with some attorney. can i create my own account and check the status or it has any dependency with attorney
Posted by slammm
19 Mar 2018 #7

You can create your own account and check the status if you have your Case id. There is no dependency with attorney for the account creation. Do not validate the status in this site , just add your case and check the current status.

Posted by Psharma1
06 Aug 2018 #8

Sorry to hear about your case status. mostly your case is denied because officers are looking at the actual petition filed long long ago before new rules come into the picture. That is really not fair.

When did you respond to RFE? Regular or Premium?
Posted by slammm
06 Aug 2018 #9
RFE was responded in premium on June 7.
Posted by NikiSinhup
06 Aug 2018 #10
Sorry to hear. Was this EVC model?

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