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H-1B case: Approved in 97 days (-9 days more than average)
25 Oct 2017
25 Oct 2017
30 Jan 2018
97 days
10 Nov 2017
24 Mar 2018
H1/H4 extension approved in regular. Computer Science. Wage level 3. Approved for 3 years. Status updated on USCIS website almost two months after approval.

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Posted by seekh1
24 Jan 2018 #1
It might have been approved already based on the current dates but your attorney might have not received your approval yet. Please update the actual approval date once you receive it. All the best.
Posted by allendsup23
24 Jan 2018 #2
Thanks. I too think it may have been approved. My employer took 10 days to update status in my last H1 amendment. I will update actual date as soon as I come to know about it.
Posted by vmongs
29 Jan 2018 #3
Any updates on your case. Mine was filed on 27-oct, waiting for update.
Posted by allendsup23
29 Jan 2018 #4
No update till jan 29. It used to be so good when case status was updated consistently on USCIS site but now it creates confusion. Some people do get it updated but most are not. My employer generally takes 2 weeks to update status in their portal after the USCIs approval. So more wait.
Posted by Amru7
09 Feb 2018 #5
I filed my H-1B on 26th October. No response for me either.
Posted by allendsup23
10 Feb 2018 #6
@Amru7 - You should be getting decision soon. My application was approved on Jan 30 but employer notified me on Feb 9.
Posted by allendsup23
01 Mar 2018 #7
March 1: USCIS online status still says Case was received.
Posted by allendsup23
24 Mar 2018 #8
March 19 - USCIS online status updated.

Petition was approved on Jan 31.

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