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H-1B case: Approved in 33 days (55 days less than average)
10 Nov 2017
14 Nov 2017
27 Nov 2017
Specialty Occupation
08 Dec 2017
13 Dec 2017
27 Nov 2017
33 days
21 Nov 2017
13 Dec 2017
RFE response was sent on 12/07; received by USCIS on 12/08. Status updated to "RFE response received" on 12/12. Got approved this morning.

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Posted by kilowog
27 Nov 2017 #1
hi, could you provide below details
a) full time or contract
b) lca wage level
Posted by sjnj
28 Nov 2017 #2
Sure, here you go:
a) Full-time
b) LCA wage level: 4
Posted by gcdol
03 Dec 2017 #3
I am in the same situation. RFE about the position offered to me. I am from Non CS background, LCA wage level4. What are the chances of approval? They are asking me to join ASAP on receipt notice.
Posted by kilowog
03 Dec 2017 #4
it is concerning how RFE showing up on wage level4 as well. Mine got approved without RFE this time around. Hopefully its just a hiccup, full-time + wage level4 is the strongest case to get approvals
Posted by gcdol
03 Dec 2017 #5
Congratulations and that's good to know. Are you from a CS or Non CS background?

Posted by sjnj
04 Dec 2017 #6
I'm CS background, and still got the RFE. My attorney was mad at USCIS; how can they ask for RFE for an absolutely straightforward case with CS background + Level 4 wage + Full time offer. But I do feel, that my Employer/attorney could have included more detailed and technical job description with original petition; but looks like they took it lightly. Even though, I agree that the Approval should come thru sooner or later. Any case, I will not join on receipt notice. For me, they are fine to wait until we get approval. Good luck to you guys as well. Cheers!
Posted by Sai11
18 Jan 2018 #7
Congratulations for your approval.

I am in the same boat, I have a BS and MS in non CS field with 15 years of experience. Received an RFE to show if a Bachelors degree is required for the job, with duties, org chart etc.

@gcdol: were you able to get any updates on your RFE.

Thank you.

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