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H-1B case:
28 Apr 2017
29 Apr 2017
12 May 2017
First it was for Employer / Employee Relationship and again on 12SEP2017 I received an another RFE for Specialization Occupation.
03 Aug 2017
18 Dec 2017
234 days
22 Nov 2017
10 Feb 2018

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Posted by runu17
09 Feb 2018 #1
Can you share your education background?
Posted by fmohsinkhan
09 Feb 2018 #2
Bachelors of Information System and Management along with Multiple Cisco certifications.
Posted by runu17
10 Feb 2018 #3
Sorry to hear that. I'm ailing the same boat, let's see.
Posted by fmohsinkhan
10 Feb 2018 #4
Good Luck mate..
Posted by reddevilzz
10 Feb 2018 #5
Sorry to hear about your case.. i am in the same situation... 2nd RFE for Specialty occupation and 1st for Employer / Employee Relationship. Can you please let me know if you sent the Client letter and all contract related documents while responding to the 2nd RFE?
Posted by fmohsinkhan
13 Feb 2018 #6
My Client do not provide their letter. Moreover, on the specialty occupation, our employer needs to hire a 3rd party vendor to investigate on Candidate (Me), Employer (My Company) & Client. They will examine my educational and work background, then My employer with the project details and then the client's requirement. After collecting all these data, they will submit it to the USCIS. Henceforth, USCIS will take an decision.
Posted by reddevilzz
14 Feb 2018 #7
Okay, thanks

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