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H-1B case:
18 Oct 2017
01 Nov 2017
Specialty Occupation
23 Jan 2018
06 Feb 2018
111 days
28 Nov 2017
07 Mar 2018

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Posted by goodnessme
28 Nov 2017 #1

Do you min sharing what details your attorney provided in response to specialty occupation rfe? I am in similar situation..got RFE Y'day which I am guessing is for proving specialty occupation.
Posted by kieran
28 Nov 2017 #2
I provided a document which elaborates by job duties at my current client and provided my past work experience letters with job duties in there.
Posted by goodnessme
04 Dec 2017 #3
Thank You. Do you have an update? My RFE was speciality occupation and E-E relationship.
Posted by DarkTunnel
04 Jan 2018 #4
What information did you provide for the Specialty Occupation RFE? I need to respond to the same.
Posted by kieran
11 Jan 2018 #5
Expert opinion letter, your attorney should be able to provide the details
Posted by james1010
31 Jan 2018 #6
Kieran, what is current application status online ? RFE docs received or RFE response review ?
Posted by kieran
31 Jan 2018 #7
Response To USCIS' Request For Evidence Was Received -- Does it make any difference?
Posted by james1010
31 Jan 2018 #8
nope, Online case status changes are not that accurate . It shows as Request For Evidence Was Received sometimes, even if the application was under RFE response review. All the Best
Posted by kieran
31 Jan 2018 #9
Yeah, I've been hearing that. My application is filed in premium, prolly will know something by end of this week.. fingers crossed.. thanks!!
Posted by Psharma1
06 Feb 2018 #10
Kieran, Did you provided the client letter or job requirements where it mentioned about degree requirement. What is your job code or soc code.. I am worried about my RFE, My employer submitting my RFE response this week.
Posted by kieran
06 Feb 2018 #11
yeah, client letter did mention about the degree requirement in CS or related field and mentioned that it is extremely complex to perform the tasks..
good luck to you!!
Posted by Psharma1
06 Feb 2018 #12
Kieran, sorry for asking more details. What is your job title or SOC code. Did you provided the expert opinion letter or job postings from similar employers... thanks for sharing your info.
Posted by kieran
06 Feb 2018 #13
Computer Systems Analyst, yes we did..
Posted by nishant4692
06 Feb 2018 #14
@kieran - sorry to here about ur denial , did you used lots of technical terms in your job duties to elaborate & your job duties were written on your client letter or you provided them separately? & the extension was beyond the 6 years with i140 approved ?

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