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H-1B case:
28 Nov 2017
29 Nov 2017
13 Dec 2017
Specialty occupation
26 Dec 2017
27 Feb 2018
91 days
11 Dec 2017
02 Apr 2018

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Posted by mission2020
11 Dec 2017 #1
Hey Did your petition got approved??
Posted by reddy0911
11 Dec 2017 #2
It's still pending.
Posted by reddy0911
11 Dec 2017 #3
It's still pending.
Posted by reddy0911
13 Dec 2017 #4
My case is still pending today will be the 15th calendar day fingers crossed.
Posted by PMKrish
15 Dec 2017 #5
any update reddy?
Posted by krishtracks
22 Dec 2017 #6
what was the RFE you received? Can you please detail?
Posted by DarkTunnel
04 Jan 2018 #7
What information did you provide for the Specialty Occupation RFE? I need to respond to the same.
Posted by santhosh2261
24 Jan 2018 #8
Hi Reddy did you receive an update ?
Posted by batwadi
25 Jan 2018 #9
you should update your case when you get a chance . All the best
Posted by H1b7rfe
02 Apr 2018 #10
What’s your soc code and wage level?
Posted by iamshital
02 Apr 2018 #11
I'm sorry to hear this. What reason they mentioned for denial?
Posted by ak2870
08 Apr 2018 #12
Hi.. What is your ONET Code and Job Title ?
Posted by rushrahul
06 Jun 2018 #13
@reddy0911 - Is it possible to connect with you? rushrahul gmail is my id.
Posted by rushrahul
06 Jun 2018 #14
Edit - rushrahul88 gmail is my id.

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