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H-1B case: Approved in 232 days (-139 days more than average)
07 Aug 2017
08 Aug 2017
12 Jan 2018
Right to control Employee Employer Relationship. Specialty occupation skill set needed. Maintenance of Status, asked to submit Paystubs, recent W2.
09 Mar 2018
27 Mar 2018
232 days
12 Dec 2017
28 Mar 2018
Amendment. Got notification and status updated as approved today in https://myaccount.uscis.dhs.gov/ .

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Posted by ajsahdev
23 Mar 2018 #1
Any update on your case ?
Posted by koolbuddi
23 Mar 2018 #2
Nope, it's just been 2 weeks and mine is still in regular process, so it takes time i guess.
Posted by usvisas
28 Mar 2018 #3
congrats koolbuddi

do you know what was the response to your Specialty occupation RFE enquiry?
Posted by koolbuddi
28 Mar 2018 #4
I submitted job roles and responsibilities in detail (just 2 pages) along with a three slides for my project description. It has project overview, background, drivers, solution summary in one slide and pictorial representation of conceptual model in second slide and the last slide with data flow and what's my role and where do i stand in that project.
Posted by usvisas
28 Mar 2018 #5
Great, thank you very much!!
Posted by parram
28 Mar 2018 #6
Congratulations. is your case got updated on case status page or you got hard copy ?. Just trying to understand if the status showing is current or not.
Posted by koolbuddi
29 Mar 2018 #7
Its updated at new site https://myaccount.uscis.dhs.gov/, you need to create an account and add your case. We will get notifications as well when they take any action (if you selected that option).
Posted by FreeThinkerH1
29 Mar 2018 #8
@koolbuddi Many Many Congrats!

May I know what is your SOC Code,Wage level in LCA?
and also hat is your educational background ?(CS or Non CS)
Posted by sha257
29 Mar 2018 #9
Were you able to get client letter
Posted by koolbuddi
30 Mar 2018 #10
15-1132 Software Developer Wage Level II

Electronics and Communications background.

Yes client gave letter with end date as Mar 31 2020, its an amendment and i need t only until 01/18/2020. Vendor also gave the same as it's a subsidiary firm of client.
Posted by ak2870
02 Apr 2018 #11

I received RFE for the same reason. Can you please send me the sample template you used for filing your response to ak2870@gmail.com it will be of great help.

Posted by koolbuddi
03 Apr 2018 #12
Join https://t.me/joinchat/G0dw2k9P6m5lCkPDW-FF-A telegran H1b RFE discussion board. Search for templates you will get job responsibilities and some other. I used the same.
Posted by shahbaz871
09 May 2018 #13
Did you updated your case in premium ?

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