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H-1B case: Approved in 14 days (73 days less than average)
13 Dec 2017
15 Dec 2017
27 Dec 2017
14 days
21 Dec 2017
28 Dec 2017

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Posted by h1transf
21 Dec 2017 #1
Hi,Can you please confirm what is your SOC code and wage level?
Posted by dk3088
21 Dec 2017 #2
SOC Code : 15 1199
Wage Level : 3
Education: B.E Mech
Exp: 8
Posted by sonny1977
21 Dec 2017 #3

So did you case to De.... transfer got approved?
Posted by dk3088
21 Dec 2017 #4
Nope. That one is in RFE because of Wage Level 1, so filed H1b transfer with other company. Hope for the best. :-)
Posted by sonny1977
21 Dec 2017 #5
I dont understand why would they file on wage level 1. When did you get the RFE and did they reply it ?
Posted by h1transf
21 Dec 2017 #6
I think the RFE might be because you have BEMech and yourSOC code is Computer occupations all other. I am not sure though but looks like that might be an issue. Do you know what sub-code they used under 15-1199
Posted by dk3088
21 Dec 2017 #7
I don't know why they did that but my transfer with de**** filed on wage level 1 and I got RFE for same. RFE is in progress, de***** immigration is preparing the docs for the same. In the meantime I got offer with other company with wage level 3 so filed transfer with them now. But I am still with my current employer. I will join only after the approval.
Posted by dk3088
21 Dec 2017 #8
@ h1transf My RFE with De**** is due to wage level 1. And SOC code for de**** is 15 1121. But my new transfer is for different employer with SOC code 15 1199.01 with wage level 3.
Posted by h1transf
21 Dec 2017 #9
Yes systems analyst with wage level 1 have been really tough this year. The best cases that I have been seeing are for Operation research analyst as that falls under Job zone 5. But with wage level 3, i think it should be fine. Good luck.
Posted by sonny1977
21 Dec 2017 #10
dk Exact same SOC Code for me as well. got RFE on 11/30 and still RFE work in progress.I am assuming they will file sometime 1st week on Jan
Posted by PhillyDesi
22 Dec 2017 #11
Hey guys. I've a premium processing transfer pending at vermont too. Same SOC code at wage level 4. I haven't received the receipt notice yet! Filed on 12/15.
Posted by dk3088
22 Dec 2017 #12
@ phillyDesi Is your soc code is 15 1121 or. 15 1199. And you education pls.
Posted by sonny1977
22 Dec 2017 #13
@ phillyDes did the lawyers give you courier tracking number?
Posted by dk3088
27 Dec 2017 #14
Finally APPROVED!! Got email from Attorney. But Case still showing as Case was Received.
Posted by sonny1977
27 Dec 2017 #15
Was this approval at deloitte?
Posted by dk3088
27 Dec 2017 #16
No. For another company.
Posted by PhillyDesi
27 Dec 2017 #17
SOC is 15-1199. I did get the receipt notice finally. I guess next would be an RFE ;))
Education. BE Mech + MBA US.
Posted by h1transf
27 Dec 2017 #18
Hi All,

I was hoping if someone could assist with my situation.
I am switching jobs and my SOC code is same. It falls under Job Zone 5. The difference is that, my current wage level is 3 and with the new job my wage level will be 2. Main reason for that is the Geographic location and there is big difference in wages between 2 different locations for same SOC code. Also, another fact of the matter is that I am taking a pay cut as well, due to my personal family reasons.
So the question is will USCIS question that why I am going from wage level 3 to 2 and that why I am taking a pay cut. Any insights on this would be super helpful.

Thanks a ton in advance.
Posted by vin1
28 Dec 2017 #19
@dk3088 , SOC 15-1199 got approved?My company filed premium with same SOC as System Architect .Have computers edu background.
Posted by AnthrITGuy
28 Dec 2017 #20
Hey guys, I am new to trackitt so haven't analyzed much cases yet. If anyone of you has been keeping an eye for long here, what do you have to say for below? Have you seen RFE's being reported here this SOC and Wage?

SOC: 15-1132 (My role is Applications Programmer/Developer).
Wage Level: 3.
Case type: Tranfer.
Degree: Bachelor Engineer in Computer Science.
Job Exp: 7.5 years.
Filed date: SEP 8th 2017 (still in regular).

(Appreciate your help. Thanks!)
Posted by h1transf
28 Dec 2017 #21
I do not see wage level 3 as a challenge, as long as the attorney files it correctly.
Posted by AnthrITGuy
28 Dec 2017 #22
Thank you @h1transf
Posted by h1transf
28 Dec 2017 #23
Do you have any idea about the question I posted above?
Posted by SenorS
28 Dec 2017 #24
@h1transf, you should be fine. There is no law/rule saying you cannot take a pay cut.
In case you get a RFE, You can justify the change in pay due to location change.
Just make sure your SOC code is relevant to your job title & duties.
Posted by h1transf
28 Dec 2017 #25
@sambaShiva Thank you for your response. My major concern is my wage level is dropping from 3 to 2. Any idea if the wage level 2 are receiving RFE's? With regards to SOC code, it is well aligned with the title and the duties. My SOC code also falls in Job Zone 5. Kindly let me know when you get a chance about wage level 2 issues if any?
Posted by abdulbasit
14 Feb 2018 #26
@dk3088 I have the same case as yours. I have
1) Mechanical engineering degree
2) 10 years of exp in IT industry

I have to file for H1 extension. can you tell me
1) what all docs you submitted first time?
2) what was the RFE? what was requested in RFE?
Posted by Calyan
04 May 2018 #27
Hi dk3088,

I have seen that you got your approval for SOC 15-1199.01 based on above comments.
Can you please clarify one thing here by checking the exact SOC code mentioned in Certified LCA, was it printed as 15-1199 (or) 15-1199.01 - looking forward your response as my cases fall under this SOC code

Thank you.
Posted by dk3088
04 May 2018 #28
It updated as 15-1199.01

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