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H-1B case: Approved in 82 days (5 days less than average)
14 Oct 2017
14 Oct 2017
04 Jan 2018
82 days
21 Dec 2017
15 Jan 2018
H1B ext applied at Nebraska location on 14 oct Location Office: Nebraska Approved on 4-January-2018 Today got email from Employer Approval hard copy yet to be received. Approved for till 6 year comp

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Posted by Keswani88
30 Dec 2017 #1
Did you receive your approval yet? I am waiting for 10/22/17.
Posted by i140-Approved
30 Dec 2017 #2
NO... as of now nothings its more than 2.5 months now... :( but recently they updated the website... as as of 31 oct they were processing cases of 1-Sep..so seems.. we need to wait another 1 month...i guess ...thats what i feel...thoughts ?
Posted by i140-Approved
15 Jan 2018 #3
Good new guys...
Approved today till 6 years completes.. that is till April-2020.
Posted by allendsup23
15 Jan 2018 #4
Congratulations. Has your application status changed on USCIS website?
Posted by i140-Approved
15 Jan 2018 #5
Thank you :) allendsup23 : NO... the website still show the "Case Was Received" dont look for website...they are behind around 2 months...
Posted by Keswani88
15 Jan 2018 #6
Congratulations man :) Hope so we receive our soon!
Posted by i140-Approved
15 Jan 2018 #7
Thank you keswani88...yeah all the best ..I hope it’s on the way...

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