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H-1B case: Approved in 82 days (6 days less than average)
03 Jan 2018
04 Jan 2018
17 Jan 2018
Employer/Employee Relationship and Specialty Occupation
13 Mar 2018
26 Mar 2018
82 days
16 Jan 2018
27 Mar 2018
Status updated on myaccount.uscis.com

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Posted by here2win
17 Jan 2018 #1
@zuke - Sorry to hear. when did you get the update? Also, what's your SOC code, wage level and job type (FTE, EV or EVC)
Posted by zuke
17 Jan 2018 #2
@here2win I got the RFE update this morning. SOC code - dont know, wage - level 2, job type: EVC
Posted by here2win
17 Jan 2018 #3
Level 2 in most SOC codes, plus EVC leads to RFE these days. But most of them getting approved after RFE response. That's what I see based on comments here. Good luck mate!
Posted by zuke
17 Jan 2018 #4
thanks for the info. I lost my last job and was on a 60 day grace period. The H1 transfer application(I 129)was sent on 45th day and I started working with the receipt number. I am also worried if there would be any RFE regarding that. Also, do you know what options I have if there is a denial?
Posted by here2win
17 Jan 2018 #5
I'm not sure about that. In my opinion, there are not many options other than finding a new employer or finding a consulting such as Wipro, Infy etc. to do L1. I may be missing something. Check in the forums or start a thread in the forum. I've seen many folks who were in a similar situation and came through. Hang in there.
Posted by kalyanhi
30 Jan 2018 #6
Did you respond to the RFE?
Posted by zuke
01 Feb 2018 #7
No, I did not yet. I have time until april 1st week. My attorney suggested to send the response with couple of paychecks attached. So, I think they might send the response in March
Posted by gummadic
26 Feb 2018 #8
Are you Contracting? with EVC model?
Posted by zuke
27 Feb 2018 #9
yes @gummadic. My attorney is still preparing the response and my client does not give a client letter. Only Vendor gives the letter.
Posted by HumblePie
13 Mar 2018 #10
@ Zuke : The paychecks were not sent when it was filed ? if there were not then I believe that's the reason you got an RFE.

Also Employer/Employee Relationship details were not put in the Employer docs ? Usually it is a 10-15 line paragraph in the your employer detail Pages.
Posted by msve
14 Mar 2018 #11
Hey do you see the updated status in USCIS that they received your RFE response?
Posted by zuke
14 Mar 2018 #12
Yes, the status changed after a day
Posted by zuke
16 Mar 2018 #13
@leathersofa. I lost my previous job and was on a 60 day grace period. I started working on 45th day on receipt number.
my previous company paystubs were sent during h1 transfer application

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